• Homemade "speeder" for abandoned rails

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Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by RussNelson
This video explains how to make your own speeder for use on abandoned railroads:
(scroll down to "Making a Train Car with Paul Cesewski"). Unfortunately, while he says that he's only using it on abandoned rails, he doesn't emphasize the danger of using it on non-abandoned rails.

  by DutchRailnut
Just because service is abandoned the rail is still owned by a railroad or other entity, running a speeder on such rail is still trespassing and a crime.

As side note : speeders are dangerous even for MofW forces, its very easy to derail and injuries are most of time more severe than motorcycle injuries.
specialy clossings, switches and poor alligned rail joints make these thinks jump the rail.

  by NHN503
What a great way to put a mark on our railcar hobby....

  by Steam501
I,ll give Russ credit to be able to come up with ideas to do things with materials already on hand. The main thrust of the program seemed to be on the wheels he made. Does this railcar have brakes? Does it have any safety items. / I,d think he could want to try using large diameter brake rotors. The flat side that would fit over the axle could ride on the rail and the disc contact area where the brake pads would normally be squeezing could be machined to a reasonable hieght for the flange to track along the gauge.

  by RussNelson
Steam501 wrote:I'll give Russ credit ....
Me?? I think you mean Paul Cesewski...

  by Steam501
After watching this " How To Build Your Own Railcar" video download several times, I have to say that this guy has tombstomes in his eyes or is out there somewhere. Running Alunimum on Steel is an accident waiting to happen. For the time and expense of machining those auto rims in $$ why doesn,t he just buy real steel rims and axles from aftermarket Fairmont company. He does a lot of talking but i don,t think he knows whats real. i retract my earlier praise regarding his work and express concern over slip shod engineering. :(