• Hitachi Rail 803 for East Coast (UK) Trains (London - Edinburgh)

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  by Jeff Smith
GlobalRailwayReview.com: Hitachi Rail’s Class 803 trains will be fully electric, resulting in zero-emission intercity travel between London and Edinburgh
The five fully electric East Coast Trains – Class 803s – will begin carrying passengers between Edinburgh and London from autumn 2021, offering passengers a high quality, cost effective and more sustainable alternative to flying between two of the UK’s capital cities.

East Coast Trains are focused on delighting passengers. They will have the first service of the day from London to Edinburgh, making it an attractive alternative to flying. The trains will also travel entirely in electric mode, resulting in zero-emission intercity travel.

These trains are part of the award winning Class 800 series, which are currently some of the UK’s most reliable new fleets and work to improve passenger satisfaction.
  by David Benton
The route has been fully electric for around 10 years , I think . Good bit of spin , I guess. Other Hitachi offerings to date have been diesel , diesel /electric , diesel or electric /battery hybrids , so I guess they have an option for any route now.