Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Gilbert B Norman
On Sunday, The Times had what only can be considered a history lesson - a Manhattan-Staten Island Subway:

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..Deep under the New York Bay near Brooklyn, covered in mildew, seaweed and other gunk, is what thousands of commuters would consider a hidden treasure: the start of a subway tunnel linking Staten Island to the rest of New York City.

“The idea of a subway to Staten Island really goes way back,” said Stan Fischler, a subway historian. “Way, way back.”

The plan, first proposed in 1890, was approved. Maps were drawn up. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held. Construction began.

What followed were dozens of missed opportunities that could have prevented the fastest-growing borough in recent decades from becoming the most isolated.

Even today, skepticism is high that the M.T.A. will ever consider adding a Staten Island subway to its list of capital projects, especially amid the recent tug-of-war over L train repairs, in which the plan to shut the line down for 15 months was suddenly, and very questionably, scrapped.

James Oddo, the borough president, said in an email that the Staten Island subway had “no chance of happening.
Obviously this is only a history lesson. But oh well, at least NYC has one borough that has affordable housing, providing such to municipal employees who are required to live within the city, a place not likely to become "gentrified".
  by ExCon90
I believe that when the SIRT was electrified the cars were designed to be operable over the BMT in Brooklyn and Manhattan. "Future proofing" with no future ...
  by CarterB
IIRC, the Bayonne Bridge was originally built with supports for a possible future extension of SIRT or Hudson Tubes.
  by Ken W2KB
CarterB wrote:IIRC, the Bayonne Bridge was originally built with supports for a possible future extension of SIRT or Huvidson Tubes.
It is my understanding that it was built to accommodate trolley cars. The current project raising the roadway mentioned that and the rebuilt bridge will also accommodate light rail, but not heavier rail such as PATH. Weight limits in both cases.