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  by Jeff Smith
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Short article:
Caltrain tomorrow will close the Hillsdale Station in San Mateo, California, for up to six months in order to rebuild it into an elevated station.

When construction is completed, the Hillsdale Station will be relocated about a block north of its current location.

The station will feature an elevated center-boarding platform allowing for safer, more convenient pedestrian access, Caltrain officials said in a press release.

The construction is part of the 25th Avenue Grade Separation Project to raise Caltrain tracks and lower the road at East 25th Avenue in order to reduce vehicle congestion in the area.
  by bdawe
Are they putting high platforms or are they setting themselves up to spend a bunch of money to do that again in the future?
  by njtmnrrbuff
Low level platforms along the Caltrain route.
  by lensovet
njt/mnrrbuff wrote: Sat May 16, 2020 4:05 pm Low level platforms along the Caltrain route.
indeed, given that zero of caltrain's current equipment is usable with high-level platforms, i don't understand why a high-level platform would even be considered, much less built.

this is a grade separation project, plain and simple.