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  by F40
Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I came across this on a website using google image search (http://www.ebbc.org/rail/fra.html)

Implications for the Bay Area
Assuming California's budget mess can be fixed, the California High Speed Rail Commission (CAHSR) will build a 224 mph Los Angeles-San Francisco rail service. Because it may run on conventional tracks in urban areas, the trains might have to satisfy FRA Tier II rules. Officially, the CAHSR has no problem with the rules, but many question how the system could achieve operational self-sufficiency. An Acela-type train would incur prohibitively high track maintenance and electricity costs.

What are the plans under way and is anything going to happen anytime soon? Any details?

  by F40
Are there users on other forums that might know?

  by transitteen
I believe the bond has been delayed being put on the ballot until 2008 due to the current fiscal crisis.

- Chris