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  by userj8670
Hi all,
Just wanted to introduce myself as the newest memeber here. I am Jim Shubsda. I live in lewiston new york and like most of you, rode behind 18 when i was younger. Currently i am a conductor and fireman (for 18) in training at the ARA. I have been reading over this forum for quite some time and it seems that everyone is like family here so i hope i can join.

Kind Regards,
Jim Shubsda

  by Otto Vondrak
Welcome aboard!

  by reinhardtjh
Hi Jim! Welcome!

I'm a former Yorkshire/Arcade resident now living in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH. Good to have you aboard.

John H. Reinhardt

  by Benjamin Maggi
Hey Jim. I might have seen you training over the past summer when I went to visit. George told me they were training a new crew member, and they were going over "blue flags."

I am sure that, under Brad's careful eye, you will learn the ins and outs of #18. No one knows the engine better then him! Good luck, and welcome aboard.

I am sure that you will bring us lots of insight into the railroad.

  by userj8670
Thanks for the warm welcome! Ben, it might have been me he was training. Might not have been, who knows lol. I was there this past weekend for the last runs of the season and all the trains were filled. We even had to schedule a 930am run in addition to the 12 and 2 runs. Every seat was filled, which was outstanding for a change. On a side note from what i have been gathering there is a lot of talk on 18 and 14 which is i am sure you are all eager to hear. 18 WILL run this spring. All it is waiting on is paint on the smoke box and the FRA papers. I am thinking of trying to persuade george to paint it black verus the more recent silver. Also trying to bring back the white wall tires for a vintage look. As to 14 most people around say and agree it will never see the light of day again. Through the grape vine i have heard that there is a list of a few investors looking to cover the cost. estimated cost to get it running are $795,000. however, like most things it probably will fall through. Its very unfortunate the RR is in such bad shape, curriers is falling apart and the arcade depot is showing its age. Not to long ago the fuel bill couldnt even be paid.... i was trying to think up some ways to raise funds for 14 and was wondering if anyone had any ideas?!? I simply cant let such a beautiful steamer sit there and rot without attempting to do something. well thats enough for one letter lol. Looking forward to hearing from and talking with you guys!:)

  by Benjamin Maggi
You could offer people the chance to get their picture taken inside her cab (for a donation, of course)! :-D

  by joesbag
Jim -

Welcome! Your insight is greatly appreciated. I'm originally from Corfu NY where my Dad would take us on rides multiple times each summer growing up. His folks were from Curriers. Live outside Nashville TN now. Was up the weekend of Tiger Tracks and road one of the Santa Claus trains. The ticket seller was telling me of your sold out rides this past weekend. That's great news.

Stay positive and keep us posted on the A&A news.


Joe George

  by Freshwater Models

Welcome! Brad seems like a nice fellow from meeting him at the engine house and should make a good engineer to apprentice with. I remember when he was in your shoes at one time!

Have you heard anything as to the status of #18 FRA papers? I certainly hope 18 is painted black before the rust gets too bad! Not sure about the white walls idea though.

I've watched the A&A crumble for many years and always scratch my head at the why of it. $ must not be at the top of the agenda since it seems that little effort is made to make best use of what is at hand. I.E. I'm sure many rail fans would have enjoyed paying to see the #18 rebuild in process. It also seems that some "History Tours" could generate some cash each year. Theere are a lot of ways the A&A could generate some needed cash if they would put some effort into it.

One way the A&A management could generate some interest is to set up a good web site and post timely info on it on a regular basis. An email link with a friendly/courtious person to answer the email would also do a lot to help.

Maybe you could keep the A&A management abreast of what is posted on this forum?

Good luck with the A&A.


  by howie729
userj8670 wrote:i was trying to think up some ways to raise funds for 14 and was wondering if anyone had any ideas?!? I simply cant let such a beautiful steamer sit there and rot without attempting to do something.

One of the things that I would like to see is something similar to what the Durango and Silverton does. During the times of the excursions they offer a tour of their facilities while giving a history. They charged a fee of course and it gave background on the operations. This may not appeal to all but some history behind the railroad may be of intrest to some. During this time as Ben said..let visitors see the cab of #14 and even #110. Since they are no longer in operation you could make them available for tours. I know some of the parts have been used on the other locomotives but you could stage missing parts.

Also, I have a question to ask. If everyone involved with the railroad is so concerned about keeping going, why isn't there any promotion of the A&A? I was at the train show last weekend and there wasn't so much as a flyer or schedule for the excursion. Thousands of people interested in railroading and no info. I don't know if this is the proper place to post this or if it will be relayed to proper people but this is my opinion.

Scott Howard[/quote]

  by Benjamin Maggi
To answer part of your question about tours, #14 is in the enginehouse and the public is not allowed in there for liability and insurance reasons. #111 is outside, but the same concerns might apply.
  by tomjohn
It is always good to have permission to enter any railroad property,even if it's a short line like the A & A,regional "B & P" or a class 1 railway. All you have to do is call or ask in person you have nothing to lose, if they say yes you're in the clear and if they say no let that be it for that day try again a few days later. However, I have always found that if you remain calm,civil and polite for the most part you'll get farther that way ...