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  by warwgn3
Is it me, or do the blue/yellow stripped HEP-2 Budd coaches have the same seats and interior trims as LRC cars?

I've ridden on both LRC, and HEP-2, and looked at the pictures on the VIA website, and I thought: [new york accent]wait-a-minute...!![/new york accent]

has anyone else noticed this?
  by electricron
After all the remodeling done to these railcars over the years, why would you expect them to be different?
  by timberley
The two are very similar, because when the HEP-2 cars were remodelled for VIA Rail service (in the '90s), the interior design was done to mimic the LRCs. Clearly VIA and passengers were happy with the interiors of the LRCs, so it made sense to do up the HEP-2s in the same fashion. The galleys, overhead bins, window frames, etc., are essentially the same design. The one major difference, besides upholstery, is that the HEP-2 cars have tables located in the outer armrests, and only a small fold-down armrest between the seats. The LRC cars have a larger, fixed armrest between the seats, and the tables fold out from that central armrest instead of the outside.