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  by metraRI
For those unaware, UP is holding a contest for the next steam excursion and there is the possibility of bringing steam to UP-W. While not completely falling under the category 'Commuter & Transit', this is a Chicagoland effort and every vote counts. You can vote daily for the Chicago route by clicking the banner below:

Voting ends Monday.
  by eolesen
Please vote today, tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday.

The guys from Texas are rallying behind the Arkansas route, and we need all the help we can get.

Vote each day, from every email address you know, your spouse's and kids', your parents.... get the drift? Vote!
  by CHTT1
That's right, the "Tuscola Turn" (from Boone, Iowa to Tuscola, IL, I assume this trip will be broken up into two or three day trips) has been in the lead since the start of voting, but a Little Rock route has been catching up, it's within 300 votes now, so I urge Midwesterners to start voting. Just like in Chicago, you can vote early and often (but only once a day).
  by CarterB
Last day for voting, If you want the Tuscola Turn that will run through Illinois to Tuscola....vote now. You can vote once per day per email. Right now, Arkansas is ahead...VOTE!!!
  by justalurker66
Missed it by 3042 votes ...
  by JamesT4
Dang! oh well there is train festival in Rock Island in July. I would had loved to see one of there steams come through the Chicago Area, that would had been a good chase for me, and everyone else.

Now the closest to us that it will run is St. Louis.

Moderators Note: Since the contest is over, this topic is over as well, unless UP decides to route the other steam engine through the Tuscola Turn, only in which it will be unlocked,(Might not Happen, but wont be surprised if it does)

Any new news that may see it running through Chicago, please PM me or the other mods. to unlock this topic.