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  by Tadman
I rode past today on my way to midway airport (CSS-CTA trip) and noticed there is a lot of work done there - impressive. However that's a lot of parking spots that got cut off.

  by PRRGuy
I imagine that some of those spots will be replaced, but the first few feet of each one was removed.I think maybe they'll turn them long ways along the platform.

  by PRRGuy
Anyone else notice that all the "Hegewisch" Station signs are gone?

  by Tadman
I'll take a look tomorrow. FYI I'm on the 1pm south bend departure. Regarding those signs - do you mean the maroon steel signs, or the ones hanging from the overhang of the building - those are peeling and look pretty bad - they could use a replacement.

By the way, what year did they build the new station?

  by PRRGuy
Looks like I'll be working the first train out of South Bend tomorrow..

Yes, I meant both the signs from the overhangs off of the buildings, Hopefully they're being replaced. I'm not sure what year it was built..early 90's?

  by PRRGuy
Just thought you guys should know that the platforms were opened for use as of Monday, Dec 11th with trains 109 and 118 being the first East ans Westbounds to use them.
Some other things still need to be added such as the warming booths and benches as well as finishing the cables under the handrails...otherwise their basically done.

  by Nasadowsk
Pretty simple and clean catenary construction, there. Is that constant tension? I thought the NICTD was looking into that?

You don't see such 'lightweight' poles over here in the east. Typical NJT ones are like 2X the thickness for some reason I still can't figure out.

  by PRRGuy
No, none of the new tension system has been put up just yet. I've heard rumors of wire trains going out this spring though. Hopefully, that'll be the next big project.

  by PRRGuy
Just a few photos I took during the course of the project.


  by F40CFan
Nice photos!!! Thanks for sharing.