• HEADS UP: Heritage Units on NS Southern Tier

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by C2629
The Interstate heritage unit is around Horseheads abit before noon. Was stopped at CP Horseheads.
  by Matt Langworthy
The Interstate unit is back again. Number 8105 is the 2nd unit on NS 28N today; the train departed Bison Yard less than 30 minutes ago.

This information came from several FB reports. There is no update on the HU website.
  by scottychaos
LV heritage unit, NS 8104, is in Buffalo this morning! 9/24/2018.
Word on the street is that it should be leading a train across the Southern Tier to Binghamton today.
As of 9:40am, no word on the FB groups that it has left Buffalo yet.

  by Matt Langworthy
NS W10 just climbed Attica Hill a short time ago, with the LV unit #8104 leading. According to a recent FB report, the train will hold at Silver Springs.
  by Matt Langworthy
The Tier is getting a double dip of heritage units today.

NS 310 has the PC unit #1073 as DPU. The most recent FB report indicates the train is on a siding in Alden.

NS 28N has the original NS unit #8114 as the 2nd of 2 units. That train was spotted in Silver Creek just a few minutes ago per the HU website. I'm guessing #8114 will be on the Tier in a couple of hours.
  by Deeretracks
28N is in Corning with 8114 trailing 2nd, per a friend. Not sure if its stopping at CP Corning or not
  by Deeretracks
Per a friend, 28N with 8114 trailing 2nd was in Corning at 5:30
  by Deeretracks
Reports are that 287, with 8114 leading, left Ayer MA at 4:00 this morning (Friday) headed back west
  by johnpbarlow
287 led NS8114 has arrived Binghamton at 0530 on Saturday 9/29/18. Power has cut away from the consist at QD and is meandering over to E Binghamton Yard for a pick-up of outbound Taylor pigs I'm guessing.
  by C2629
NS 8114 led train 287 down Attica hill a little after noon today. Its my understanding there were at least two western NY railfan legends documenting the trip.
  by Deeretracks
8114 and its trailing unit dropped the autoracks (train 287) in Buffalo and were put on I3K to Chicago
It's entirely possible that it will make a return trip on the Tier on 22K in a few days. Keep an eye out...
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