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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by ScotCP356
It's been a long time since this thread been updated! Lol

Anyways, BNSF U-BERCXP9-17T has the following lash up:

NS SD70ACe 1106
NS SD70ACe 1072 "Illinois Terminal"
NS ES44AC 8124

Last seen was through Newport Minnesota at 15:59 est/14:59 cst. Heading to the CSX in Chicago IL ando eventually Philadelphia PA.

- Scott
  by Matt Langworthy
The power shown in the previous led CSX K048 to Buffalo. The most recent HU report shows the Illinois Terminal unit in Sloan. Did NS #1072 get taken off K048?
  by ScotCP356
Power has been cut and the train is already in Selkirk NY. The NS set can go anywhere from Buffalo. Just depends when and what train it'll go on. I should also point out that it wasn't K048, It's K038. K048 is from CP, K038 is from BNSF.
  by ScotCP356
Coming to find out, overnight CSX has interchanged the NS 1072 heritage to NS Bison Yard.
  by ScotCP356
Saw the Erie Heritage rolling east at Wayneport last evening! 7 down and 13 to go!
  by Matt Langworthy
The Lackawanna unit #1074 led CSX Q385 through Buffalo a short time ago.
  by C2629
Not really a heritage unit but still of interest, the NS 911, honering first responders unit was the leader on Q364 this morning passing CP382 at about 1055.
  by C2629
The NS 911 returned west through Rochester around 1045-1100am on Q363, the train held at CP382 for Q262 to come east. He continued west at about 1125. NS 1074, the Lackawanna heritage unit was trailing on Q364, through Bergen at 1206.
  by lvrr325
The Guilford "heritage" GP9s went west this morning, happened to see them pass the Syracuse station around 10 am. These are the MEC and B&M painted units. I see they were sold and are apparently going to Utah.
  by C2629
UP 1989, the Rio Grande heritage unit, was the second of two units on Q561 this afternoon. Q561 went through CP382 just before 3:30 pm.
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