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  by NeoArashi
I'm in the train right now. We were already 2 hours late by the time we reached Riviere-Du-Loup. It left 20 minutes late, and was massively belated further at Drummondville. Fun fact, my girlfrien's train, the last Montreal > Quebec train of jan 3rd, was also stuck in Drummond. It was stuck thanks to yet another VIA train which got tech problems. Her train merged with that "problem'd" one. According to a text message she sent me, her Montreal-QC ride was 2 hours late (pretty bad when you consider the ride is usually 3 hours to 3 and half hours) another fun fact: my own train, which left 45 minutes AFTER hers, not only catch up, but overtook her train. Still, this messed up situation caused my train to arrive at RDL at 2:45 AM when it should have arrived at 0:50. So basicaly, my train wasn't late because of one, but two other Via Rail train.

Has this ever occured to you? Has a train you were riding ever late due to another via Train (not counting due to one of two merging train arriving late at a merging station, as often, that second train is late thanks to CN trains)

Edit: I'm actually not complaining, as this ride is purely for leisure (and will end up in the evenin in Halifax, so it won't be as if there's gonna be a lot to do when I arrive anyways) so, the longer the ride, the more I enjoy. But my GF was pretty pissed, as she has a 70 minute city bus ride + 20 minutes of walking to do after her own train ride.
  by XC Tower

Amazing, only twice has this happened in all my travels in Canada since my first ride in 1983 aboard VIA Rail plus one other time where the ONR's "Northlander" was "stabbed" by the Canadian National one we got on its tracks (not an uncommon thing, I was informed by the conductor) for the portion to Toronto. The delay wasn't " really too terribly bad", I told my brother, who was traveling with me on that trip, "VIA will hold our train from Toronto to Niagara Falls probably."....Wrong! I was surprised to find out. The VIA Rail agent told me in Toronto that VIA would not hold a train for another railroad's train, as the "Northlander" was Ontario Northland's, when I asked where the train to Niagara Falls was... No big deal, though. We just walked to the nearby bus terminal (Ughhhh!!!!) to catch the next one to Niagara Falls, Ont.
In the early 1990's, I was riding east aboard the by then rerouted to CN "Canadian", where we spent a long, long time stopped for a derailment up ahead in Northern Ontario. (The place name of "Long-Lac" comes to mind. Pulling into Toronto's Union Station the next morning, it was a close run thing if I would be able to catch Amtrak's "Maple Leaf" to Niagara Falls. A true testimony to Canadian civility was the other passengers and conductor letting me off first as the train squealed to a halt, so that I could sprint to the waiting Amtrak train before it left. I made it! The memory still brings a feeling of gratitude when thinking of it.
The last was in 2012 just before the last round of drastic cuts took place for VIA Rail. I decided to catch the bus (still Ugghhh!!") to Toronto, then board VIA for a Corridor train to Montreal, where I'd catch the "Ocean" to Truro. I was actually in my seat, talking to the young man next to me, when I picked up on something not good, it was the sound of air "whooshing" from the brakes beneath our car, then the sight of somebody scurrying next to our coach to look under it, and the look of the car attendants face when announcing that we'd be put on another train to Montreal. (When changing to the other train that had puilled up behind ours, i asked a VIA Rail employee, who standing looking great in one their stylish dark grey raincoats, what had happened. He said, "I've never seen that happen before!" with a wide-eyed look on his face, but would not offer any more information....I figured that I didn't really want to know in any event.) Somewhere west of Montreal, we were told to leave the train, catch a waiting bus to Charny, Quebec, if I remember correctly, where the "Ocean" would be waiting for us. The ride was a real adventure going through Montreal during rush hour! After observing the driver's there in action, I could understand why Canada's Eddie Bishop was one of World War I's top fighter aces of the skies over Europe....Maybe his spirit lived on in Montreal's present day automobile drivers!.....Wow! What a ride! In any event, the "Ocean" was waiting for us on the track, which was the remant of the beautiful former route that took the train through Levis, where one could see the French European beauty of it buildings at night across the St. Lawrence River in old downtown Quebec City, looking like a vision back in time from the 1600's. One last note: I sat on the bus amidst many elderly Maritimer's, who were traveling back east. There was not a complaint or murmur to be heard from among them! I call that class from another place and era.
All three trips were adventures, which I'd do again in a heartbeat.... Go VIA!
Thanks for your patience in reading my words.