• Has LV main been chopped up and sold?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by carajul
Has the LV main from Atown to Lehighton been chopped up and sold by NS or is NS allowing people to use/rent it? For example the cement factory at Lizard Creek Jct is built ontop of the jct and the row was paved as a driveway to it. And then there is Riverview Dr near Bowmans ontop of the row. The new parking lot where the Lehighton pax sta was. And also thru Weisport the paved road to the sewer plant? Did NS sell these areas of the row or are they just allowing their use???
  by lvrr325
Conrail pulled up a lot of that track you mention and it's likely they disposed of some of the property as well. Their policy when removing a line was always to find some way to make it impossible to be put back.
  by CNJ Fan 4evr
Another chunk of LV Conrail tore up was from the south side of the platform in Easton to almost Green's Bridge in Phillipsburg. A bad bridge was the excuse. They also obliterated the former CNJ east of Phillipsburg. Bridge in Alpha taken out. Warren Glen over pass removed and road is now at track level.I-78 cut through another section.
L&HR near Belvidere now has homes sitting on parts of the former right of way. Pretty sure there are other examples of Conrail's handy work. Oh yeah, the DL&W cutoff. How could I have forgotten that one? They filled in under the bridge in Slateford where the cutoff line was,not to mention abandoning it altogether form there to Port Morris.
  by lvrr325
They just relaid about eight miles of it, not sure where you've been.

And yes, the CNJ bridge was newer and of different construction so they shifted a few miles where practical over to the CNJ right-of-way. But CNJ is who abandoned the CNJ in Pennsylvania, giving up all service in 1972 - the majority of the remaining pieces are what the LV picked up at that point.
  by CNJ Fan 4evr
Actually I think I have to correct myself. I believe it was NJT who abandoned the former CNJ east of Green's Bridge to near Bloomsbury. The last passenger train west of High Bridge was 1983. If I am correct NJT actually still owns the right of way. I thought I saw it on a tax map.
Was CNJ along Lehigh River better than LV or was it shorter ? Is that why they chose to keep that side open?
  by carajul
After the CNJ pulled out of PA in 1972 (their 100 year lease was up on the L&S and they decided not to renew as they were broke), the STB ordered the LV to take over CNJ operations. The LV and CNJ were duplicate routes along the Lehigh River. No real point. But in those days as you know the management kept everything in place. The LV shifted most traffic to the CNJ as it was easier accessable and had more online customers. The only thing using the LV main was the "Apollo" trains - their high speed piggy back trains. They used the LV main for the piggybacks due to reduced delays getting thru A'town. When Stanely Crane took the reigns of CR in 1983 he made drastic cost cutting moves and abandoned every bit of rail that wasn't earning its keep. The Regan Administration gave CR a last minute loan of $300,000,000 and said that was it no more. So CR had to make drastic cost cutting moves. The LV main north of A'town was one victim. The track sat unused from 1983-1984 and was torn up in 1984.

Ironically the High Bridge branch was also a victim immediately abandoned in 1976. After the CNJ pullout of PA in 1972 on their own rails they still had customers. So they did a few upgrades on the line to get it up to 25mph as it was in deplorable condition. This allowed them to still get cars to PA via the DL&W who they handed the cars off to. I'm told the 100+ car trains going over the Rt 10 xing at 10mph caused quite a problem!
  by lvrr325
CNJ and LV consolidated their routes in 1965. One of the Bednar books covers it well.

CNJ had better grades over the mountain; the consolidated main uses the LV Mountain Cutoff, a portion of CNJ, back to the LV through Jim Thorpe, then the CNJ to Allentown, then the LV on except for the bridge and a couple miles east.

The LV original main line and a portion of CNJ main were abandoned in 1965; more of the CNJ was abandoned in 1972; one portion of LV main in 1978 after work was done on the CNJ side, and as mentioned the last part of the LV from Lehighton to Allentown in 1983-4.

The LV was kept through the Lehigh Gorge because it was higher, and relatively unharmed by Hurricane Diane in 1955, while the CNJ was wiped out.
  by scottychaos
I have a map here:

http://www.frontiernet.net/~scottychaos/LVRR_bigmap.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

green = tracks still in place and in use.
red = tracks still in place but not in use.
black = tracks are gone.

the map is now 10 years old! and needs to be updated..
but its still mostly accurate for most areas.
(I know for NY state, nothing has changed in the past 10 years)
I would like to add who owns and operates the green sections.