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  by Train2009
As per The Unofficial Metro North Railroad group on Facebook there will be a Charter train on the Harlem Line to Wassaic this Saturday morning 10/15 when it leaves GCT at 9:30 AM. It will have #211 on the south end, 3 Inspection cars and Shoreliner MOUNTAIN LAUREL" 6251 in the middle and #402 on the north end. This is for a Special Leaf Watching.
  by Train2009
No clue.
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  by Train2009
I saw the train this morning at Katonah this morning headed north at 10:41 AM it did had #211 on the south and #214 leading on the north end. It left Wassaic at 5:55 PM this evening for the trip back to GCT.
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  by NaugyRR
I caught it somewhere on the lower Harlem on my way to the city Saturday. I left on the 8AM through-train out of Wassaic. The only reason I even really noticed it at speed was the fluted-sides on the inspection cars and the trailing dual-mode caught my eye. I'm starting to become pretty complacent as a railfan, even the BL14's in GCT are no longer as interesting to me, haha.