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  by TrainMaster A
I was at the Train Show this past weekend and saw the Display for the A&A . Who is running this Display ? I have never seen the Arcade and Attica Display or advertise as they were at this event . Is this something new . The Video that was shown is fantastic , It showed Pictures from the past to the present . What Gives ?
  by Benjamin Maggi
What gives? I think that this is an excellent opportunity for them to reach out to the public. Having [one of] the only steam locomotives that are operational in the state makes them a tremendous educational resource, and running through some beautiful scenery makes them an enjoyable diversion too. Reaching out the public will work well at train shows, where families and train buffs gather together. If you cannot bring the real #14, at least you can bring a movie!
  by TrainMaster A
I agree it is and excellent opportunity but who is doing this , when I talked to this guy he didn't work for the Railroad , he stated he was an NRHS (National Railway Historical Society) member and worked with them ...How did he get involved with the railroad and who is he?
  by Mr.S
Over the years that I have gone to this show in HAMBURG,NY, I thought that it was always sponsored by the WNYR&HS Western New York Railway and Historical Society or at least they had their hands in the till .
  by csxconductor13
This person who did the show is known by me, he was a Buffalo Central Terminal docent and is a member of the NRHS. The train show is operated by WNYR&HS and the gentleman is not affiliated with them as I remember. It is Interesting , if anybody has seen the Gentleman's display as he wraps himself in the subject he is displaying . At the 80th Anniversary at Central Terminal I saw him put together a 10 table display . If he is involved with them A&A , they've got themselves a "gold mine ' that should be used to their advantage . He is a bit of a radical but will represent the A&A better than anybody can . This may be just what the Arcade and Attica needs to bring them into their due. I feel this is a just place for this to be displayed on this forum as it related to advertising and betterment of the A&A .
  by Benjamin Maggi
A thread about the Arcade and Attica Railroad's promotion at the Hamburg Train Show is certainly appropriate for this forum, which is devoted to the Arcade & Attica Railroad. If the original posting was about the train show in general, or merely listed the A&A along with everyone else who displayed there, then I might be persuaded to move it. Additionally, since the intent of the post is to cull out information regarding who from the A&A staffed the table (which hasn't been shown to be the case, but nevertheless) this is the best place for the topic.

EDIT: This thread has been edited to maintain the topic at hand. Off-topic postings have been deleted. If anyone would like to PM me with concerns about why the post doesn't belong here then I am all ears. It is good to see people trying to keep up the integrity of the forum, and I certainly support that.