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Discussion relating to the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie, and the resulting 1960 merger creating the Erie Lackawanna. Visit the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society at http://www.erielackhs.org/.

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  by WQ59B
Found this pic :


and it's identified as "Guymard Depot", but as I know this area very well- this cannot be the one & the same. Background is all wrong. Either it's mislabeled, or this was another, area location.
It is found in the gallery "NYO & W Railway" on page 8.

Whole site is here: http://www.newvispub.com/portal/albums/ ... =17&pos=42
Has some great pics.

Would be greatly in debt to anyone with an online / scanned pic of the Guymard / Graham station !!!
  by Erie3319
As you have discovered, pictures of the Guymard (Graham) station are hard to find. I can't say for sure what we're looking at here, but I will point out that the building does have the proper Erie Railroad station sign for the period.
  by WQ59B
Thanks, '19. I have a new theory.

Here's a drawing of the area from circa 1875:

The road used to cross @ grade, and there were a number of buildings there, including the largest; the Gumaer Spring House. Note the '2-box' structure right near the tracks & facing it, to the left of the Spring House, in the same basic configuration as the above pic. Note also the depiction of the exposed foundation to the rear of both buildings, the shadow of another building across the tracks from the Depot in the pic, and the appearance of some sort of signal light/ pole at the same front corner of both buildings.

Anyone willing to bet that that 2-box building is a somewhat inaccurate portrayal of the depot in the pic above ??
That this pic is of the FIRST 'Guymard Depot' ??

In '13, it was petitioned to eliminate the grade crossing, which was granted. I believe the road overpass was done by '15. That must've been close to when the 20th century Graham station was built (only the foundation remains today). Anything left at the previous site may have been razed, or burned down when the Spring House did (year unknown).

If correct... to place this, date-wise :: the 3rd track (from the 'Otisville Underpass' (??) ) points to a date after the Otisville tunnel was built in '06-08, but as the Depot is in use, seems likely it was before the grade crossing was eliminated by '15.

Opinions ??
  by Erie3319

Nice detective work! What you suggest fits together well and is likely correct. The grade crossing elimination and the construction of the Graham Line would have altered the layout of the station area considerably. The style of the station shown in your post is consistent with the stations at Otisville and Howells, which were the same mid-nineteenth century architectural type. The shadow running across your post might be the freight house that is depicted in the "Next Station Will Be..." series published by the Railroadians twenty years ago.

  by WQ59B
There is a second picture of the FIRST depot in the pictorial history softbound Deerpark. I can only provide the link (bottom half of the page):

http://books.google.com/books?id=q_hmoX ... +depot,+NY

Here, later building additions & some decor are missing, as is the 3rd track. The pic is dated 10-6-1890. Looks like the building across the tracks came later; or is that evidence they were just starting it ??
Neat to compare the 2.

Still looking for a clear shot of the 2nd Guymard station.....
  by jgumaertesta
any further interest in the Guymard station? the lithograph is from 1875 Orange County NY Beers Atlas is very explainable. And i have more that evidence, i have documentation & facts... big clue the road was moved as a result of a lawsuit between the Gumaer Family (builders & founders of Guymard) & the Erie Rail Road. As a result 4 things were changed- the road was moved, the station was moved, the road & hamlet was renamed. considering the Erie neither built nor paid for any of these 4 things - borders on the absurd.

the Guymard Spring house burned in January 1892 mid-sale between Peter Louw Gumaer & a buyer (name escapes me at the moment) as a result of embers from a locomotive engine igniting the roof... a great loss to the community & to my family. your picture above is the Guymard station. it was built without endowment or reciprocation from the Erie - it was also a home. many people are not aware of that. the Lawsuit was won in favor of the Gumaer family - but only on paper, no compensation was ever seen.

As a child & young adult i do recall - Graham Road & Graham, i am more than proud to say its Guymard again & will remain so.

Feel free to ask questions.