Discussion related to commuter rail and rapid transit operations in the Chicago area including the South Shore Line, Metra Rail, and Chicago Transit Authority.

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  by Tadman
When the green line - then the Lake Street line - was relocated from ground level to the ex-CNW embankment in the 1960's, where did CNW go? And what line of CNW was this? It sounds like it was once the main line due west that is now UPRR-W for Metra.

  by MikeF
The C&NW remained on its embankment, right where it still runs today as the UP Geneva Sub, or Metra's Union Pacific West Line.

  by BMT Standard
Up until the 1950s, the C&NW had 5 tracks on the embankment through Oak Park (there are still 5 tracks further east). Operational efficiences of diesel locmotives and the elimination of some local service allowed them to eliminate two tracks, which left room for the CTA to move onto the existing embankment.

  by bellstbarn
I think it was 1962, on a rare visit to Chicago, that Dad and I rode the Lake Street L, and we descended to street level. A conductor came through to raise the trolley poles. Which other L routes used trolley poles after World War II? I believe that we could see the construction for the new route on the railroad embankment. Thanks.

  by orangeline
There may have been others, but the Evanston line north of Howard used trolley pole-equipped cars until the early '70s and the Skokie Swift used trolley poles on about 1/2 the route until 1-2 years ago when it became 100% 3rd rail.