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  by Montrealrail1
I work on a delivery truck,last week,we went to VIA MMC for a delivry,by going inside,I grab my camera a made this video

At the beginin,we see the wheel shop and diesel shop..
we can see clearly the Pavillon car,it's an old observation car with no dome,need some job to get it in service..
Also at the end,we can see 2 LRC cars and a F40 under rags,I believe it's the 6444 and LRC cars involved in the accident at Burlington,but I have to confirm,cause I'm not sur about this..And the 6445 have no more CFL wrap...
in order for the locomotive we can see 6445,6412,910 and 6414
  by jp1822
Well the Pavillion Car was in service on BC Rail at the beginning of the 21st century for the deluxe train it ran between North Vancouver to Prince George. As many know it came as a package deal with VIA's purchase of the Panorama Cars. Would have been a nice car for the northern Quebec trains, but as mentioned, it needs work now!