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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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Q310 Avon IN-Russell KY
Q311 Russell KY-Avon IN
Q347 Willard OH-Avon IN
Q348 Avon IN-Cumberland MD
Q349 Cumberland MD-Rose Lake IL
Q360 Cincinnati OH-Avon IN
Q361 Avon IN-Cincinnati OH
Q363 Selkirk NY-Avon IN
Q364 Avon IN-Selkirk NY
Q369 Cumberland MD-Chicago IL (Barr)
Q370 Chicago IL (BRC)-Cumberland MD
Q373 Avon IN-Salem IL (UP) UP MINPB
Q374 Salem IL (UP)-Avon IN UP QNLIN
Q385 Selkirk NY-Grand Rapids MI
Q388 Chicago IL (BRC)-Selkirk NY
Q389 Selkirk NY-Chicago IL (BRC)
Q500 Nashville TN-Chicago IL (Barr)
Q501 Chicago IL (Barr)-Nashville TN
Q512 Waycross GA-Avon IN
Q513 Avon IN-Waycross GA
Q518 Montgomery AL-Avon IN
Q519 Avon IN-Montgomery AL
Q560 Cincinnati OH-Selkirk NY
Q561 Selkirk NY-Cincinnati OH
Q588 Wauhatchie TN-Avon IN
Q589 Avon IN-Wauhatchie TN
Q634 Columbus OH-Selkirk NY
Q635 Selkirk NY-Columbus OH
Q638 Rose Lake IL-Avon IN
Q639 Avon IN-Madison IL (TRRA)
Q640 Avon IN-Lafayette IN Turn
Q641 Chicago IL (BRC)-Avon IN
Q642 Avon IN-Chicago IL (BRC)
Q686 Rose Lake IL-Avon IN
Q687 Avon IN-Rose Lake IL

Q001 Little Ferry NJ-Bedford Park NJ Tue
Q002 Bedford Park IL-Little Ferry NJ Thu
Q003 South Kearny NJ-Bedford Park IL Tue-Sat
Q004 Bedford Park IL-South Kearny NJ Thu-Tue
Q009 South Kearny NJ-North Baltimore OH
Q010 Bedford Park IL-Little Ferry NJ
Q015 Chambersburg PA-Bedford Park IL
Q016 Bedford Park IL-Chambersburg PA
Q017 Worcester MA-Bedford Park IL
Q020 Bedford Park IL-Worcester MA
Q025 Bedford Park IL-Jacksonville FL
Q026 Jacksonville FL-Bedford Park IL
Q027 Bedford Park IL-Jacksonville FL Thu-Fri
Q028 Atlanta GA (Hulsey)-Chicago IL (59th St)
Q029 Chicago IL (59th St)-Atlanta GA (Hulsey)
Q090 Proviso IL (UP)-Rotterdam NY Mon, Wed, Sat UP ZDLSKP/UP ZWAGRP
Q131 Detroit MI (CSAO)-Salem IL (UP) UP ZDTMX
Q132 Salem IL (UP)-Detroit MI (CSAO) UP ZMXDT
Q137 Baltimore MD-Chicago IL (59th St)
Q138 Chicago IL (59th St)-Baltimore MD Sat-Thu
Q146 North Baltimore OH-Columbus OH
Q150 North Baltimore OH-Detroit MI (CSAO)
Q151 Detroit MI (CSAO)-North Baltimore OH
Q160 Bedford Park IL-Port Newark NJ
Q161 Worcester MA-North Baltimore OH
Q163 Port Newark NJ-Bedford Park IL Mon, Wed, Fri
Q165 Buffalo NY (CP)-Bensenville IL (CP) CP 143
Q166 Bensenville IL (CP)-Buffalo NY (CP) CP 142
Q272 North Baltimore OH-Philadelphia PA
Q354 Ashtabula OH-Portsmouth VA
Q355 Portsmouth VA-Ashtabula OH
Q390 Columbus OH-Syracuse NY
Q391 Syracuse NY-Columbus OH

Q216 Louisville KY-Chester PA
Q217 Chester PA-Louisville KY
Q234 Cleveland OH-Doremus NJ
Q246 Pottersburg OH-Gibson IN (IHB)
Q248 Louisville KY-Gibson IN (IHB)
Q253 Doremus NJ-Walbridge OH
Q254 Louisville KY-Cleveland OH
Q257 Walbridge OH-Pottersburg OH
Q262 Cleveland OH-Selkirk NY
Q263 East Brookfield MA-Louisville KY
Q264 Walbridge OH-East Brookfield MA
Q276 Detroit MI-Baltimore MD
Q277 Baltimore MD-Louisville KY
Q292 Rose Lake IL-Connellsville PA
Q299 Connellsville PA-Toledo OH

C001 As Needed Herzog
C002 As Needed Herzog
C729 Ashtabula OH-Wickliffe OH
D006 As Needed Work Train
D007 As Needed Work Train
D008 As Needed Work Train
D009 As Needed Work Train
D011 As Needed Work Train
D550 Parma OH-Sterling OH
D553 Parma OH-Sterling OH
D741 Cleveland OH-Lester OH
D750 Willard OH-New Castle PA Tue-Sun
D754 Lester OH-Lorain OH
D760 Lordstown OH-Youngstown OH Tue-Sat
D761 Lordstown OH-Youngstown OH Tue-Sat
D762 Lordstown OH-Akron OH Tue-Sat
D764 New Castle PA-Youngstown OH Mon
H717 Kenton OH-Ridgeway OH
H719 Kenton OH-Dunbridge OH
J721 Avon IN-Paris IL
J727 Avon IN-Crawfordsville IN Daily On Duty @ 07:00
J774 Indianapolis IN-Shelbyville IN On Duty @ 05:30
J776 Indianapolis IN-Frankfort IN On Duty @ 07:30
J784 Cincinnati OH-Indianapolis IN
J785 Indianapolis IN-Cincinnati OH
J789 Ansonia OH-Winchester IN
J789 Ansonia OH-Sidney OH
J794 Sidney OH Sat-Tue
J794 Sidney OH-Ansonia OH Wed
J798 Sidney OH-Ansonia OH Wed-Sun
J799 Sidney OH-DeGraff OH