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  by Phase Gap
Don't know if this the right place for this question but I will give it a shot. I am looking for pics of the old towers that controled GCT.Also I am looking for the pics of the new place where they are Controling GCT.If anyone has pics or know where I can view them pleaee drop me a line thanks Phase Gap.

  by MN Jim
"Grand Central...the World's Greatest Railway Terminal", by Wm. D. Middleton, has several photos of Towers A & B. There's a photo of Tower F (closed long before I even knew what a train is), here.

I doubt you'll find photos of the current control center. Security has been very tight; it's rare that even the insider tours get to visit there. I have photos of the OCC, but I won't share them, since I don't want to have to explain myself to the MTA PD.


  by checkthedoorlight

as seen on a show about trains on The Science Channel.

  by 7 Train
It looks a lot like NASA Mission Control!

  by nick11a
^ You're right. That does look pretty cool.

  by MN Jim
So much for security...I always knew the MTA PD were....oh, never mind. ;-)