• Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by CTG
It took just about a year for the LIRR to meet its initial goal, seeing 60% percent of its customers use Grand Central Madison over 40% still using Penn Station. They saw it happen one day just last week.
I suspect the quoted article has things backward in the last sentence. The target I've seen referenced all along has been 60% Penn and 40% GCT. It would be pretty shocking if passengers were now 60% GCT and 40% Penn.
  by Jeff Smith
Mixed bag: $Newsday
Grand Central Madison, one year later: Embraced by some, reluctantly accepted by others
MTA: Demand has grown
Although LIRR ridership has returned to nearly 75% of pre-COVID levels, Grand Central Madison is carrying less than half of the 162,000 daily passengers projected by the MTA in 2018.

Even then, the project, which once was pegged for completion in 2009, was running nearly a decade behind schedule. MTA chairman and CEO Janno Lieber took over the project in 2017 with a goal of streamlining management decisions, avoiding further budget overruns and finishing it by the end of 2022.

Since opening in early 2023, MTA officials said, demand for the station has steadily grown. For the first time since it opened, Grand Central Madison in January accounted for about 40% of LIRR trips made to and from Manhattan. That’s still shy of the 45% the MTA originally projected but above the 30% the station saw in its first several weeks.

There have been other encouraging metrics. The Grand Central Partnership — a group comprising commercial and residential owners in the Midtown East district — said the number of people with Long Island ZIP codes spending money in and around the station has climbed 60% since it opened. And the 41% increase in LIRR service made possible by the addition of Grand Central Madison — and the 2022 completion of the Third Track in Nassau County — have allowed the railroad to operate 56% more “reverse peak” trains, bringing commuters to and from jobs on Long Island.
  by gamer4616
A new train is being added to the schedule effective 4/15/24

Train 1421
Great Neck 7:53 am
Little Neck 7:56 am
Douglaston 7:58 am
Bayside 8:00 am
Grand Central 8:24 am

To accommodate this train, Train 2019 will now arrive in Grand Central 2 minutes later at 8:27 am
  by nomis
So, the tweet infers that approximately 106,905 passengers went through the GCM complex on May 14th.
Exciting news!

Yesterday we carried 260,745 riders, a new single weekday record since the pandemic.

We also saw 41% of our Manhattan-bound riders choose Grand Central Madison, the highest split with Penn Station since it opened for full service last year.
  by bellstbarn
Rather than begin a new thread, I would like to describe an observation from yesterday, Wednesday, May 29, 2024, in Massapequa. I observed an apparent return to normal, after the pandemic. About 5 p.m., an eastbound train left passengers scurrying for their automobiles in the parking lots and Sunrise Highway curbside places, just like the old days. The NYS Highway Department has added two sets of traffic signals on NY 27 to allow cars and walkers onto Sunrise Highway.
For years, it was obvious that some portion of those who work in NY work 8 to 4 (or earlier) rather than 9 to 5, because for decades we have had crowds returning to Wantagh or Massapequa about five p.m. These "early home" guys cannot be only the staff of Hillside shops riding on passes. I presume there has to be a core of Manhattan office workers who begin and end work early. For sure, the throng tapers off by seven p.m.

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