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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by 0SCAR1
A few legal losses this week for 10 citizens - lost on motion to intervene in land court and lost on injunction to stop land clearing while appeal is processed. Judge in the Superior court denied the injunction citing that the appeal was unlikely to succeed. That judge was unhappy with the railroad and the tone of her ruling was reluctant. She closed with a note about seeing grounds for the Settlement Agreement to be revoked - which means we'll likely see fresh lawsuits coming.

One interesting bit in the flurry of filings was this warehouse plan from GURR. It shows how they intend to use the land in Hopedale to create on line storage, and cited Georgia Pacific as a customer. I can't get a better resolution on the drawing. This is part of a 300 page filing by 10 citizens. I found the track arrangement interesting... reminded me of shunting games you can get on your phone.
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  by elecuyer
Thanks for the plans. Even at low resolution, they do provide some insight as to what the G&U is planning.

The track layout is necessitated by the topography - this new industrial complex is basically being built on a hillside. Here are the plans overlaid on a USGS contour map. (Contour interval is 3 meters - roughly 10 feet.)

  by bostontrainguy
Kind of reminds me of "The Hill" in Framingham which Conrail/CSX used to serve via a switchback due to the topography.

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