• GP40-3 / GP38-3 rebuilds

  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by AMK0123
Didn't know if everyone out there was aware that CSX is in the process of rebuilding there GP38-2's and GP40-2's. Looks like the first two, CSX 2200, GP38-3 and CSX 6500, GP40-3 just turned out of there Huntington shops. From reading another forum, it looks like CSX will be turning out rebuilt GP's till the end of 2014 and then start back with the SD40-3 rebuilds. Just figured I'd pass this along....
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  by mmi16
4 axles are still needed in many industry locales that don't have the track structure to support 6 axles.
  by DogBert
How many do they plan on cranking out?
  by AMK0123
from what I read, there is to be just over twenty GP38-3s and an unknown amount of GP40-3's. It looks like they'll try to get as many out by the end of the year when they will refocus on the six axle rebuilts. Maybe roadster or someone else that works for CSX would have some better info...... Dogbert, I assume if you see some square cab rebuilts going over the Hell Gate you'll let us know!!!! :-D
  by DogBert
Yeah I'd notice that :). East of hudson service has traditionally received older power though so I doubt any will get the 3rd rail cut anytime soon.
  by roadster
Because they are "rebuilts", they are not required to be fully compliant with the "new" build emission standards. Yet, hoping to improve fuel economy and with such a substantial source of older 4 xls on hand. It is simply cheaper and easier to rebuild these units. I have run a number of the SD40-3 rebuilds and found them reliably strong engines.
  by WVU
To my understanding CSX is going to rebuild 121 GP38-3 & GP40-3 Units over a 4 year period. I do not know how many 4 axle GP38-3 units or how many GP40-3 units are in the plan, but what I do know is the number is 121 for 4 years.
  by ekt8750
I take it they will leave the GP38-2S's as is?
  by lvrr325
Whoo boy those cabs are ugly.
  by CSXCullmanAL
CSX Has released CSX 2001 - 2006 GP38-3 only 1 more GP40-3 will be built this year CSX is working out issues with it, 14 more GP38-3 are to be put out this year, CSX has Conreacted out Progressive Rail CAT EMD to do the SD40-2 rebuilds to the SD40-3 there will be 50 rebuilt and CSX Huntington Shops will rebuild 45 more GP40-2 to the GP40-3Not sure if CSX Plans to have any more GP38-2 rebuilt next year to the -3.
  by Appalachianrailroads
CSX finally started making more GP40-3s a few weeks ago. I saw a brand new one in the yard in Huntington, WV last week. Couldn't see the number too well but it looked like it was 6508.
  by Appalachianrailroads
Seems as though there are now a total of 12 GP40-3s. I saw 6509 and 6510 leading a short coal train to Russell, KY and saw 6511 last week on Q316.