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  by themallard
...Under the agreement in principle between the Florida Department of Transportation and CSX Transportation Inc., the state will invest $491 million to improve infrastructure and expand capacity on two existing rail lines, one of which will be used to establish commuter rail service through a 61-mile stretch in Central Florida.

The state will purchase 61 miles of existing CSXT tracks between DeLand in Volusia County and Poinciana in Osceola County for $150 million. In exchange, the state has pledged to update existing freight lines so that CSX can increase its capacity and move some of its trains away from residential areas...
Orlando Buisness Journal

  by Gilbert B Norman
What will prove quite interesting, Mr. Mallard, is whether Tri-Rail would operate any such service or would a new agency be formed for such. Suffice to say, it the service were to be operated by Tri-Rail, a new trade name would be needed. How about "Sunshine State Rail"?

However, politics being politics, likely the route of a new agency will be the order of the day.

  by 262
Tri-Rail is a local goverment authority,under control of a board controled by Dade,Broward and Palm Beach Counties,and opperated by Herzog Co. .Though not out of the realm of possibility,(Tri-Rail running Or joinning with new system).The new system would most likely form their own Authority,with their own board and model it after the Tri-County Rail Authority.