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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by pablo
Didn't this work need to be done by the end of last year?

Dave Becker

  by nessman
Public funds = public information. There's nothing to hide.

  by howie729
Drove through town yesterday...they could start with replacing the blown out light bulb over the main street crossing :-D

Is there any requirements for at grade crossing upgrades? Always wondered if they would ever be required to put it gates?

  by Benjamin Maggi
FOIL Request = Public Information.

I never said the information wasn't public, just that I wasn't the best person to present it.

  by nessman
Benjamin Maggi wrote:FOIL Request = Public Information.
Just spill.

  by BSOR Patarak
The traffic lights over the main street crossings aren't quite an official grade crossing protection system. That is, when you compare it to standard railroad active crossing protection. The DOT actually maintains the lights, as they are more a traffic stop light. The railroad takes care of the track circuit. Basically, it is just an "island" circuit where the train shorts out the circuit a short distance from either side of the road. This tells the traffic light mechanism to turn from the flashing signal to a regular yellow to red cycle. Once red is displayed for vehicle traffic, an indicator shows yellow to the train. Once this happens, the train can proceed over the crossing. After the train crosses over this circuit, the light returns to the flashing yellow warning light.

There has been much discussion over the years of changing or adding actual active crossing protection at the major crossing. (Route 39 Main Street in two places, and route 98 at both places in Java Center). There are various funding mechanisms at different levels where these could be added. Keep in mind though that these signals add in a whole new FRA requirement of inspection and testing. It is a considerable amount of time and resources that would have to be spent on them. Also, when there is a failure, or activation of the lights or gates with out a train, someone has to go to the crossing and turn them off and repair them. RR lights are designed to fail in the position that benefits to the train. Not so nice to the motoring public. It is probably best not to put this added burden on the A&A at the present time. Should traffic levels jump to a level to support them perhaps. Stopping the train and flagging is an acceptable practice for now...the trains aren't high speed or miles long...
  by joesbag
All - According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on 5/24/08, looks like the A&A is soliciting bids for trackwork, turnout, OTM, and grade crossing rehabilitation from MP 0.00 Arcade NY to MP 11.00 Java/Shelton NY. June 17, 2008 is the closing date. Maybe this will answer some of the questions posed. Hope they have bidders and I hope the work begins this year.
  by thebigham
It's Sheldon, not Shelton. hehe

MP9 is at Curriers, right?

MP11 would be near Java Center.
  by joesbag
thebigham - Thanks for correcting my spelling - typo on my part.

I agree that MP 11 would be Java Center
  by joesbag
I wish there were more but the paper blerb was just the publishing of the request for the RFP.
  by nessman
There wasn't anything on the A&A website either...

I wouldn't suggest folks here call the A&A asking for one as there's a lot of time and effort into putting these together. You may be able to FOIL one from the NYSDOT if you were ever so inclined.

In any event - this sounds like it's going to be a major improvement to the line... looking forward to seeing the job completed.
  by thebigham
1.2 million dollars is going to do that much.

What the A&A needs is heavier rail. I think it's mostly 90 pound rail. Most of the rail is circa 1890.

From MP2 to MP3 is 100 pound rail. That was done in the early 1980s.

  by nessman
Actually they have $2.3 million - which for a 15 mile line is a lot of $$$. Since they're looking at just MP 0 to 11 - that works out to around $209,000 per mile. We're talking some serious work here folks.

Java Center is MP 11.61 - I haven't been up that way in a while, but what shape is the track in from Java Center to Reisdorf's?
  by WNYP431

The Arcade & Attica Railroad received $2.2 Million dollars in taxpayer money - one shot of $1.0 Million and another shot of $1.2 Million. This money from 2005 was to be used between the interchange and Curriers station for the following: Replacing all switches and switch timbers with 105lb or heavier rail, replace multiple culverts, hundreds of feet of ditching work, 1100 ties installed per mile and 1100 tons of stone per mile, tamping, cross-level and surfacing, and some bulldozer work. I believe the project called for a nominal raise of the roadbed, which will cause heartache with crossings. The board will fight it because it may make someones yard dirty. The superelevation needs to be taken out of the curve by the shop and though milepost four, as it is excessive.

The additional $1.1 Million dollars - which was attained by the previous management - makes the total now $3.3 Million. The $1.1 million dollars was filed for specific additional track work, including a 750' siding at milepost 3, and rehabilitation of a stub track that sits there now, so the railroad could actually (gasp) switch cars. The continued tie and surfacing project north of Curriers would have given the railroad a shot at running passenger trains to the restaurant in Java Center, something it currently cannot do because it's excepted track - and we all know what that means.

A small unloading pit for covered hoppers, and a covered loading ramp for boxes was included in the application, but the funding would've had to come from somewhere else, but the business isn't there yet either. In addition, the railroad had an agreement with a western company to take railroad flatcars inbound for dismantling and transload to truck, but that is gone now too. I can only imagine that the transloading area money would now be used to support the other parts of the right of way.

In spring 2007, a supplemental request was made for $4.9 Million for rail replacement, but I have not heard if they are going to fall into that as well. The A&A is mostly 70AS, not 90, but as any engineer will tell you, the line will function fine under it's current traffic load if ties and stone are stuck underneath it, and they get it out of the mud. Plenty of lines still running 120 ton locomotives on 80lb rail. Gets frustrating when cars are on the ground and Winter's cranes drive blocking three feet into the roadbed when picking up a car.

Given that fuel has doubled since the grant was let, I bet they get even less work done with this grant than they thought.