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  by b&m 1566
glennk419 wrote:
Ian MacMillan wrote:The Hobo RR has several RDC-1s up for sale....They are former MBTA units though, so they only have one remaining engine for heat/AC
At last count, there were five ex-RDG RDC's on the Hobo RR. These were car Nos. 9151, 9154, 9158, 9159 and 9161. The link only shows a single ex-BM car, are any of the Reading cars also on the block?
Why is the PLRR not going to put them to use? As anyone shown interest in the? If PLRR doesn't sell them off will they just leave them there or at some point and time will they end up be scrapped?

  by SLR 393
Regarding the four MBTA RDCs up in Lincoln, in the old mill yard behind/north of McDonalds. Two are owned by P&L and will be refurbed for excursion use by the RR. The unit with the broken nose is privately owned and I understand that - possibly this winter/spring - its nose will be fixed and the owner will keep working on it. The 6118 which is the unit Fast Tracks had for sale, just sold this week.

Here is a pic I found of 6118 in busier days: ... 918&nseq=0

The 6118 will get an exterior cosmetic restoration and the inside is going to be built up into an apartment.
  by GP40MC1118
Do we know who bought the 6118 and where it will end up?

  by SLR 393
GP40MC1118 wrote:Do we know who bought the 6118 and where it will end up?

Yes the 6118 is going to be kept in Lincoln on the Hobo and will be run on the line just like the cabeese and other private cars are.

  by SLR 393
A friend of mine found some pics of the 6118 in service, wearing her minuteman heralds. When the outside is restored, that is the scheme she will be wearing! Still waiting to get the photos from him, but when he sends them along I will ask if he is ok if I post them.

Also later this year it will be moved over by the Hobo's shops to make it easier to work on (access to water, power, etc.). I will post some photos once the work starts on it. The entire inside is going to be gutted out, its in poor shape and the MBTA had done a lot of modifications to it.