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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by steamfan6325
I think they will look nice green, but I too will miss the orange. I never really cared for the "circus" lettering though, so I'm kind of hoping they go with a different font.
  by Mountcastle
Nothing beats photographic evidence; thank you for posting that.

That must be a second coach they've begun to paint; the combine I saw in the yard was all green except for just around the windows.

I agree with you, though, about the orange and especially about the 'circus' letters. If they repaint the 'circus' letters on the green coaches, it will look just horrid. I trust they will not, however. I recommend gold lettering above the window line in the old Canadian Pacific-style font. I suspect, however, they'll go with a less attractive option; they generally do.
  by thebigham
Thanks for the pic!

Notice how great the track looks.
  by Mountcastle
How appropriate: the orange and black pagan 'Halloween train' being converted by the Christian Youth Corps. "Demons come out! No more Halloween colors for you!" Of course, I don't know what green represents, other than the liturgical colour for 'ordinary time' on the Roman Catholic and Anglican calendars.

At any rate, its clear that the old orange and black train is, indeed, offering her farewell, demurring to traditional green for Hollywood's sake. In the words of the Semisonic song: "she's gone to the movies now, and she's not coming back."

Here's a link for the movie's website, incidentally, offering a few more glimpses of green coaches:

  by JT76
Thumbs up to the new paint scheme.... the Orange and black was corny IMO.. I would love to see the railroad have a more authentic 191X- 192X theme to it.. re do the steamer while they are at it... but leave the diesels alone.
  by Otto Vondrak
As one who is a big fan of all things orange and black, I for one support the decision to "go green," even if it is Pullman Green. Let's face it- tourist railroads were founded 40 or 50 years ago to capitalize on the "nostaligia" and "novelty" of riding the train. Well, now we're nearly two generations removed from steam, so where's the nostalgia? Even the Strasburg Railroad, the grandaddy of them all, realized that the future lies in presenting authenticity- they shed their gaudy red-and-yellow dress years ago for more sedate Pullman Green. Why, if the ARA had their coaches done up in Pullman Green with black roof and delux gold lettering, think of what a classy train that would be! Sure, we'll all miss the "traditional" orange and black, but I'm pleased to see the ARA consider the change and embrace a new look.
  by thebigham
I saw some of the new green coaches as I drove past the Arcade station on Saturday. I like the orange better.