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  by Mountcastle
No, this is not yet another post lamenting the death of Engine No. 14.

In a recent internet journey I chanced upon this webpage:

http://www.paranormalghostsociety.org/A ... ilRoad.htm

It's dedicated to a paranormal investigator's prowlings about the Arcade & Attica's yard and equipment (a typo in the first paragraph calls the RR the 'Arcade & Attic'...no doubt because that's where most ghosts hang out).

Nothing on the page seems to indicate that this investigator and his team came up with any sort of evidence of a haunting, other than a few expressions of the sensation of being watched in some of the old coaches. But that was probably just the man-eating dog that lives next to the yard waiting for dinner (I hate that dog; I can't believe the damn thing is still alive).

While it appears that these particular 'ghost hunters' were just having a good time, I wonder what results they might have come up with were they to spend a night in the station. Would they encounter Dick Cartwright in his office planning the acquisition of new equipment? Or in the engine house: might they peer into the cab of old No. 14 to see Manley staring back at them with that mischievous grin of his while chewing tobacco?

I can recall burning the midnight oil at the station a few times, always with the creepy feeling that there was someone watching me. On one occasion, I looked out the window to see a man's face staring back at me. I shouted an expletive and nearly had a heart attack. It turned out to be one of Arcade's finest, wondering why the lights were on so late.

At any rate, if there are ghosts (and I suspect they aren't mere fairy tale), certainly there must be one or two lingering about the premises of the Arcade & Attica Railroad. Does anybody have any stories of late night encounters with departed staff to share? Of phantom whistles? Of eerie Lackawanna coaches? (couldn't resist, sorry).

This is, perhaps, a topic more suited to October than January, nevertheless if you haven't seen this website, take a look. It's certainly offers a different perspective on the Arcade & Attica Railroad.

  by jgallaway81
Ever see a model train set start up when the power packs are unplugged? Me neither, but it got your attention, didn't it?

Seriously though.

Having spent several nights working on things during my tenure, I never once encountered anything spooky... at the station. (unless you count the drunks coming out of the bowling alley after leagues) And considering I have an open mind on the topic, I think I might have been open to such an event.

I'd love to encounter such an entity... be able to learn about the history of the road.
  by Mountcastle
I've never seen the model train at the Arcade depot start up, period, so that would be quite the paranormal event!
I never once encountered anything spooky... at the station.
No, me neither, per se; and that creepy feeling that someone was watching me is probably accounted for by the fact that everyone in Arcade is watching everybody else in Arcade. Let's face it: there's not much to do in that town except mind everyone else's business (aside from bowling while intoxicated, apparently). :wink:

There may be no supernatural activity in the station, but I'm convinced that dog is the guardian of the gateway to Hell.