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  by jp1822
There was talk about operating an excursion train along VIA Rail's Gaspe route from Gaspe to Chandler I believe. Is there any news on when this service may start up and what equipment is being used - aside from coaches - such as Skyline or Park dome/observation Car?
  by Ken V
I haven't heard too much about this. As far as I know, plans to run this train for cruise ship passengers docking is Gaspe are still in the works. As I understand things, it will consist of two F40 locomotives and 5 or 6 Budd stainless steel coaches - no domes or diner.
  by jp1822
Well that's pretty poor if VIA doesn't at least consider a dome car for this fantastic scenic journey. VIA could have certainly spared a Park Car or at least one Skyline Dome car to put their best foot forward for the cruise ship folks. Perhaps if VIA did offer dome service they might get people interested in Canadian passenger rail travel, as these cars really define VIA Rail.
  by big bird
From what I saw in Canadian Railway Observation ( CRO ) magazine of june 2009 , it was not VIA who will run the tourist train in that area but a private business :
The Société du chemin de fer de la Gaspésie who are the owners of the ( former CN ) CBC Chandler subdivision between New Carlisle and Gaspé QC and owners of ex-CN Cascapédia subdivision ( Matapédiato New Carlisle ) are expected to purchase NBEC RS18u's 1819 and 1849 for use on a tourist train between Gaspé-Chandler and Percé . The Canadian National is the actual operator of the traffic for the line between Matapédia and Gaspé .