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  by jaymac
-Gardner has been getting some serious snow removal since the morning of 02-11. Looks like the yard has been cleaned down, if not out.
-The Heywood has been opened up well north of the grade crossing, mebbe by the Terex sitting in the lower lot a bit after 1200 on 02-14-2011.
-The jet is sitting in the yard just east of the slurry tank and loaded coal hopper that are probably rust-welded in place by now. The boxes on the dead track are still there.
-A convention of autoracks is taking place: multiple cars on multiple tracks, unknown -- by me, at least -- if Ayer or Rhode Island or both.
  by jaymac
As of 0855 on 02-17-2011, things looked -- at least superficially -- pretty much the same as they did on 02-14. The racks were different, but were still the dominant cars in the yard. The boxes on the dead track and the slurry tank and loaded coal hopper on the east end of the yard were still there. The Terex and jet had gone, but a red P&W pickup was there instead. Oh yeah, the freeze-thaw looked like the Heywood, despite the clean-out, would probably be back to impassable once cold weather gets back.
  by MCER401
They worked the Heywood on Friday 2-18. 4 loads to NEWW and 2 empties out. The NEWW siding has just had work done, fresh gravel down.
  by jaymac
Tnx for the update. At least they're not waiting for spring!
  by jaymac
During midmorning of 03-03-2011, the melting somewhat continued at Gardner. Also continuing was the presence of the the slurry tank and loaded coal hopper at the east end of the yard. The autoracks seem to multiplying or at least occupying more tracks. No idea if Willows, PW or a mix.
  by jaymac
On 03-08-2011 at 0830, the yard was packed, and there was even a cut of racks on 2 between the Timpany Blvd. and Pleasant St. bridges, maybe just set out there by a late-running MOAY that was getting close to Slab City then, according to the not-too-clear D-3 radio.
  by jaymac
The increase in traffic is good news, but given the stack of new ties that's beginning to emerge from the melting snow and plans to reanimate the Dead Track and extend it to East Gardner, the yard is gonna be a busy place this summer.
  by johnpbarlow
Would it make sense for P&W and PAS to work out some sort of Worcester to E Dfld run-through operation rather than spend $$ to upgrade Gardner yard? Seems like NS-P&W interchange could be sped up with less parking cars in yards.
  by 161pw165
Just a hunch that P&W wouldn't be too interested in that idea. They need their power running on their own road and not sitting in ED or mysteriously showing up on the West End. I use the Mt. Tom coal train as an example. Also, FWIW the Bow coal train has been sitting for over a week tied down w/ 5 P&W units that I'm sure they'd like to get back.
  by jaymac
At least at 0900 on 03-14-2011, Gardner looked in relatively good shape. Lots racks, presumably PW, were there, but otherwise, the yard seemed open. Even the slurry tank and loaded coal hopper that had had semi-permanent resident status at the east end have gone elsewhere.
  by jaymac
The 0800 03-17-2011 Gardner drive-by showed that racks continue to be the dominant species. There were a few tanks, boxes, and hoppers adjacent to the 2 track, as well.
  by jaymac
At 0900 on 03-21-2011, 347 was pointed east, leading a string of seen-better-days gons that were being loaded with the old ties stored on the former commuter platform by a truck with a claw. Hopefully, this is the start of a busy construction season in Gardner.
  by jaymac
On 03-31-2011 at 0730, Gardner was crowded enough that set out on not in the yard but on the 2 track and extending from just east of the Timpany Boulevard bridge to under the Pleasant Street bridge were a few general freight on the westerly end with the rest being PW hoppers, presumably Mount Tom MTs. The easterly car had the bills in its knuckle. How long there would be only one track from CPF-345 to CPF-346 I never got to hear. Racks were in the yard in good number, and at least a few tie gons were on the Dead Track.
  by jaymac
For an unknown time before and after 0855 on 04-14-2011, the 2 track was occupied by PW-bound racks between 1 car -- the bills carrier -- east of Timpany Boulevard and a dozen or so cars west of Pleasant Street.
There as also supposed to be some work-train action, but 343 on the west of a bunch of gons with old ties was sitting on the Dead Track until a maintainer could show up to remedy a leak. It musta happened because D-3 gave gave the ok to come off the Dead Track at 1017.
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