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  by jaymac
tnx -- that's a quicker-than-past-practice turnaround for a grainer.
  by jaymac
0230-0420/02-20-2023 started at the start with Yard-Channel hash, a frequent occurrence. Unlike most trips, there would be no CSX, P&W, or NECR receptions, mebbe cuzza the holiday. In fact, the only non-company receptions would be from the automated Morse ID on a PVRR frequency, Boston East at 0312 and Boston West at 0353. Also not heard was anything to, from, or about 426/7, even in the form of W. Boylston XNG noise either side of the trip, up toi and including posting time.
At 0236, D-3 would answer FI-2 -- more about whom later -- and roger whatever they said and then give an OK on signal indication. At 0248 and while in the lee of Mount Wachusett, there would be Dispatcher-side hash, Yard-Channel hash returning.
0302 was when the 333 WLs were dark, and 2 later, D-3 would garble something to FI-2, more again about whom later. 2 after that, there would Dispatcher-side hash, mebbe from D-2, this the start of a spell of radio silence.
The 334s, 335s, and 335s would all be dark. Gardner yard had general on the Extension and W on 1 to mebbe the W FP that included from the E both full-size covered hoppers and an MMD shortie, a solo LPG tank, a solo box, and tanks on the W. There were boxes and covered hoppers visible on 2, but dunno about 4. At 0324 there had been D-3 garble that would start another period of radio silence.
The 333 WLs were dark at 0333, and further E, the EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, all other dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0352.
At 0347, NewBlue 5958 had been dark solo, and E-facing in the FI-1/2 parking spot, a RailBox on the W end of East Side, and 2 later, there had been brief Road-side hash. At 0355, there had been both-sides-of-Channel-1 garble, clearing enough to hear D-3 confirm that the Milling was lined, locked, and checked normal, so probably AY-3.
0358 produced brief Road-side hash, followed by the Yard Channel variety, and 1 later and then 4 laterwould be the start of extended Dispatcher-side hash, mebbe -- again -- D-2, this time with a Form D or 241.
There had been a spurt of Yard-Channel hash at 0401, but after the 0403 Dispatcher-side hash, the final 17 were silent.
  by jaymac
0220-0420/02-22-2023 started off with brief Yard-Channel hash but went company-quiet until 0244 and brief spurts of Dispatcher-side hash that suggested car countdowns, confirmation coming at 0247 when the FI-2 E got told that that was far enough.
At 0232, the 333 WLs were dark. In 2, spurts of Yard-Channel hash would return, draped around seeing darkness at the 334s and 335s.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were also dark, and 0313 was when a breaking D-3 answered *garbled*, 4 later providing more D-3 hash. 4 in the yard had mixed general from the E FP to the Pratt yard, E-W with a few unplacarded tanks a few more scrap gons, a pair of Fraser West centerbeam loads, a few covered hoppers, somebody else's loaded centerbeam, and more tanks up to the ambulance company, the rest being covered hoppers. As will be seen, D-3 would be -- and probably already had been -- talking to 16R.
Now big-time OT -- Today's refueling stop was at the CPF 345 Mobil -- $3.19. Further E, the Cleghorn Brand X was $2.93, and the Kimball Street Unified was $2.89. The Cleghorn Cumby's was dark, no prices showing on the sign or pumps, and the Main Street Cumby's was holding at $3.43, so Cumby's won't be getting my money, at least in the short term.
EB and at 0326, there was AMTK hash followed in 1 by Yard-Channel garble about going back to the train at AY and D-3 OKing on signal indication, guessing 16R.
At 0330, D-2(two) called out to 42probably6 and then went into hash mode. 2 later, .the 333 WLs were dark. 4 and 6 later, there would be more Dispatcher-side hash. The EB staggers for 330 would be at Approach, 330.8 WBs, 330s and GL WLs dark.
There was a 0344 broken D-3 241 to AY-3 with the 7598, and the FG WLs and ELs would be at Stop, a string of DS trash on 2 from the Credit Union however far W of the gym. Drops by 16R or pickups for a later WB? Dunno.
At 0345, D-2(two again) 241d 426 with CSXT 487 from the Single E to 1 at CPF NC. Dunno when 426 mighta transited the X 7.8 crossing, but it woulda been before 0045.
At 0350, there was mebbe more D-2 hash, and E-facing NewBlue 5958 was shoving covered hoppers E on East Side.
0355 was when the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and 3 later, there was Road-side hash followed by D-3 garnle to 16R about a recrew at San-Vel.
To wrap things up, there 0403 Yard-Channel hash, 0405 and 0510 Road-side hash, and another -- but broken -- D-2 241 to 426, the final 6 being quiet.
  by jaymac
0225-0430/02-25-2023 ended up busy. but the 1st company receptions didn't start until 0251 with some short Road-side and a few Dispatcher-side garbles suggestive of car countdowns.
At 0256, the 333 WLs were at Stop with racks EB on 1, the marker E at 0257. The guess that it was a 16R would get later confirmation. After the marker was around the bend, there was no glint off the rails to suggest an imminent EB, but keep reading.
The 344s and 345s were dark, as would be the 345s. In Gardner yard, W of the Yard Lead switch, 1 had a number of LPGs, and from just about the E FP of 2, there were a few unplacarded tanks, some gons, and lotsa covered hoppers. Dunno about 4. At 0316 there had been D-3 garble telling somebody -- the earlier EB? -- what they'd do when they were done with Ayer.
EB at 0330, D-3 told the AY-X -- much more about whom later -- they were OK on signal indication, Mount Wachusett breaking up what he next said about a marker.
At 0334, the 333 WLs were again at Stop, naught audible or visible immediately E or W. The 333 ELs showed a Clear for 1, but there was naught visible until further E along Westminster Street/ Rte. 2A, where WB KCIRs and general sat on 2, not 1. Further E, the EB staggers for 330 were at Stop. DS trash sat on the 2 by and E of the W River Street UGB, the marker just W of the Cleghorn rotary UGB. The 330.8 WB for 1 had been at Clear, but went to Stop, making things there all red. Back at Cleghorn, the C from KCIR 7605 began checking the marker, giving the number to AY-X's E, who advised the marker was armed. To wrap up AY-X, D-3 241d them at 0357 2 E to 2 at 333 to back to those sitting by Westminster Street/Rte. 2A. At 0406, there was Road-side hash, mebbe the C backing AY-X to a hitch, and at 0426, there would be D-3 breakage -- Gardner antenna? -- to AY-X. Dunno If the 7605 was to save a cab fare or if there was power trouble or if management was being cautious about Da Hill in the cold or all of the above.
From the 330s E, all others were dark, including the EB staggers for Derby at 0402. On a side note, the crew-lifts and dumpster are gone from the lot, so the Fitchburg station complex reroofing appears done, the original among the shorter-lived stranding-seam installations.
At 0357, the FI-1/2 parking spot had been MT, covered hoppers on the W end of East Side. At 0421, D-3 told M426 to bring it up and tie it down at Greendale. Dunno if it was a short train or if Greendale was being used interchangeably with Burncoat. As of posting, no XNG noise to indicate a recrew. D-3 next told 16R at 0426 that he'd be sending them -- presumably a recrew -- in a cab. After D-3's also-0426 breakage to AY-X, the final 4 were quiet.
  by jaymac
0225-0435/02-27-2023 started and ended slow, but was busy in between, the 1st company reception coming at 0242 when a breaking D-2(two) advised M427 of -- among other things -- 24 MTs. There will follow much more on this matter.
At 0252, both sides of an FI-2/D-3 convo indicated that OX was lined and locked and normal, FI-2 wanting to continue E to Arrowhead, D-3 OKing, and a spell of radio silence-for-me now starting.
At 0256, the 333 WLs were dark, the 334s and 335s doing a ditto to sometimes heavy snow.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were at Stop, 4 in the yard FP-FP with mixed general that included unplacarded tanks, boxes, covered hoppers, and loaded scrap gons among the visibles. There was also general on the 2 from the E end of the Timpany Boulevard UGB, but not as far W as the Wilkins Road dogleg, so guessing it was overflow to keep 1 and 2 in the yard open. At 0324 and again at 0327, radio silence got broken by the Track Department calling out to 16R. The signal was strong and dunno whether it was from the Gardner antenna or a nearby TC. 5 more went by without a repetition and the 345s were still at Stop, so I got EB. Naught more to, from, or about 16R or the Track Department would come outta the speaker.
EB would come the next break in radio silence at 0336 -- AMTK hash. 7 later, the 333 WLs would be dark, and more to the E, the EB staggers for 330 would be at Approach, all else dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0408.
At 0356, D-2 had again answered M427, listened, and then advised a stand-by. ZombieZones would complicate receptions, but at 0359, there was D-2 breakage about a tail-end pickup. That was also when the FI-1/2 parking spot had been predictably MT, but the W end of East Side had had general. D-2 would get into big-time breakage about getting things together in whatever time there was, adding a "Whatever works out." D-2 would next go into a discussion of Special Instruction 37S*broken*, but 8, at least on p.13 of ETT No.3. No more that 5,000 tons could be behind an MT flatcar, and 427 would have a 6,000-ton train. There was further discussion of the Special Instruction, expanding it to an MT flatcar or MT IM, so -- mebbe -- a water car was the issue.
At 0410, D-3(three, finally) answered AY-3 and then OKd them on signal indication at 312.
There would be more from D-2, but I had gained distance and lost altitude, so it was mostly garble, save for 0413 and "They're all Barbers."
As advertised, the final 22 had no more company receptions.
  by jaymac
0219-0430/03-01-2023 started off with M427 garble and then D-3 acknowledging they were clear of the property and wishing them a wonderful night. Given that there had been no post-0045 XNG noise and that snow was still be on the rail heads at the X 7.8, it would seem like 427 mighta had a lengthy tie-down. The next company reception would be D-2(two) breakage to M426 at 0250, that followed by even more radio silence.
The 333 WLs were dark at 0254, the 334s and 335s the same in sequence.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark. 2 in the yard had a mix of tanks -- at least a few of them LPGs -- and covered hoppers from the E FP W to Royal Steam Heater. 4 looked like it had been run clean, but 1 in the yard and the #2 main were still snow-capped, at least E of West Switch. At 0319, D-3 would say "over" to somebody and then give a roger and out to whatever next got said.
EB at 0326, there was brief Dispatcher-side hash, and at 0332, the 333 WLs were dark. Further E, the EB staggers for Derby were at Approach, and at 0339, there was -- thanks yet again, River Street ZombieZone --D-3(three) garble to M426. Guessing it was a newer 426 getting tie-down instructions since the X 7.8 snow cover would still be intact at 0422 and there would be no XNG noise as of posting time.
Post refueling stop, the 330.8 WBs, 330s, and GL WLs were dark. The FG WLs and ELs, however, were at Stop, naught visible W of the WLs, but a long string of DS trash on East Side mebbe shunting the FME. The FI-1/2 parking spot was MT at 0356. At 0402, there was activity in the RVJ lot, so there was no view of the EB staggers for Derby.
There had been 0401 Road-side hash, but that would be the last company reception until the end of the 0430 end of listening.
  by jaymac
0220-0420/03-03-2023 had as its overture 0043 XNG noise. There was no repeat within 20, so guessing an EB, but naught would later come outta the speaker that would provide an ID, only 0240 and 0244 Road-side hash and 0245 Dispatcher-side hash, the 1st and last for a while of company receptions.
At 0252, the 333 WLs were dark, as were the 334, 335s, and 345s. In Gardner yard, 4 was pretty much FP-FP with mixed general, a few scattered unplacarded tanks, lotsa covered hoppers, and some RailBoxes among the visibles. From the E FP to the W end of Chair City Oil, 2 had a coupla unplacarded tanks, the rest being covered hoppers. Chair City Oil was a bad place to be at 0310 because D-3's call to somebody was garbled.
EB and just W of the Rte. 2 crest at 0315, there was Dispatcher-side hash, followed in 1 by D-2(two) calling out to a TC, loss of altitude soon producing Dispatcher-side hash.
At 0322, the 333 WLs were dark, the EB staggers for 330 later being at Approach and all else up to an including the FGs dark.
At 0335, NewBlue 5948 was dark, solo, and E-facing in the FI-1/2 parking spot, a CP box and RailBox on the W end of East Side.
At 0336, 264 called out to D-3, the Summer Street ZombieZone compromising the next few. At 0339, D-3 called out to 264 to see if they were on board, next going into breakage about a supplement to a bulletin and permission. 0241 was when 264 announced they were on the move, EB wells doing just that on the Main Street/Rte. 13 UGB and NSs 6952, 9577, and 9574 getting however many all-loaded wells E of the North Leominster platform on 2 at 0344 and the marker out of sight at 0345.
Things would go quiet except for non-company hash until Yard-Channel hash at 0409. As distance and topgraphy permitted, things cleared a bit with a series of car countdowns, a call of a Restricting, and even more countdowns that I stopped listening to at 0420. Reception wasn't totally clear, but it coulda been that whoever was providing the countdown mighta gone all old school and mighta been IDing 264 as 22K. I didn't feel any younger.
  by jaymac
0230-0420/03-06-2023 had D-3 answering AY-3 at 0239 and soon going garbled. From the bits that were clear AY-3 mighta been having PTC issues since "transponders" was clear a coupla times. There would be more in a bit -- dunno whether instructional or confirmational -- about cycling brakes and doing a departure test to do *something broken* with the transponders. At 0251, D-3 would again answer AY-3, Mount Wachusett now being in a relative poisition to garble the next bit. There would follow clarity from D-3 about a recrew by AY-4, the 1st I'd heard of that alphanumeric in a long spell. There would be no further clarity to, from, or about any AY local to exit the speaker.
At 0302, the 333 WLs were dark, as would be the 334s and 335s.
Further WB, there was an exchange of D-3 garble and Road-side hash at 0310, followed in 3 by Dispatcher-side hash.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark and the yard MT. The #1 had been busy, less so the #2 and 1 in the yard. 2 and 4 in the yard seemed not to have seen any activity since before the end of the last snow. At 0322, D-3 had called ????, and this would be the start of another extended radio silence.
The 330 WLs were dark at 0322, and further E, the EB staggers for 330 showed an Approach for 1 and Slow Approach for 2, all else dark up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0352.
At 0356, NewBlue 5958 had been in the FI-1/2 parking spot. There had been DS trashes on the W end of East Side and a CSXT box and mebbe other stuff to the S. There also had been brief Yard-Channel hash at 0350, naught else until 0412 PW Road hash proved the scanner was still working, quiet resuming for the balance of the trip.
There had been no XNG noise heard inside Château-jaymaq from 0100 until departure , nor from return until posting, although there was coyote noise at 0455.
  by jaymac
0225-0410/03-08-2023 was heavy on hash, but did produce 1 intesting visual. The X 7.8 has an additional power indicator 100 yds +/- E of the new installation and on the S side of the track, most definitely the result of the TC activity detailed by jwhite07 in Pan Am Worcester Main Line. What the new equipment case/cabin might be doing I surely dunno.
There had been both Dispatcher-side and Yard-Channel hash starting at 0229, the 0250 Dispatcher-side 1s suggesting car countdowns, followed at 0251 by clear "FI-2" x2. Dunno if it mighta been from Camp, AY, or Arrowhead, but given the later MT FI-1/2 parking spot, they were E.
At 0257, the 333 WLs were dark, and Yard-Channel hash reappeared. The 334s were dark, and at 0302 there was a broken -- possibly D-2 -- 241, followed in another 2 by another broken 241 that was definitely D-2's since it involved CPF Vale.
Both the 335s and 345s were dark, and Gardner yard was MT, but all tracks had seen activity of varied amounts.
EB and W of the crest at 0318 came Dispatcher-side hash, followed in 3 by more of the same.At 0325, the 333 WLs were dark, and 3 later was the start of what would be spells of D-3 hash/garble.
The EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, all else up to and including the FGs dark.
At 0338, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT, boxes on the W end of East Side. 1 later, D-3 answered AY-3 and acknowledged they were line, locked, and checked normal for the #1 Main, probably the Milling, 2 later producing a small amount of Dispatcher-side hash.
At 0343, the RVJ lot was active, so there was no view of the EB staggers for Derby. 4 later, thyere was brief Dispatcher-side hash, the rest oif the trip producing only a few hash spurts, too brief to see the sources.
  by neman2
I don't know if the 7.8 changes are related but HBD's (hot box detectors) are currently a very "hot" topic (sorry). This safety related 3/7 press release from CSX devotes a lot of it's content to HBD's. --- https://www.csx.com/index.cfm/about-us/ ... ent-trend/
  by jaymac
0220-0305/03-10-2023 was a short listening period for reasons to be seen. There was Dispatcher side hash 0234, followed in 1 by Boston West hash. 0239 offered up some D-2-or-3 hash that cleared enough to allow "time effective 0239" into intelligibility, so guessing a Form D mighta been involved in issuance, fulfillment, or cancellation.
At 0251, the 333 WLs were at Stops, NSs 6959, 9568, and 9715 in full compliance on the 1 and trailed by DS trashes. Over at 334, the ELs and 1 WB stagger were also at Stops, shorties now visible.
Over at the 335s, the ELs and WLs were at Stop and a trip was made into the lot to see if the marker could be seen, which it couldn't.
It was now that Precision Scheduled Gawking came to a halt. I backed up and swung left to reverse and then head out, but found my tires sitting on a skating rink that no amount of shoveling could help. A call to a major roadside service company produced the promise a call back from a dispatcher. Repeated calls later, the tow showed up and advised he couldn't remove me cuz I'd crossed over a snow bank, something that looked like a travel-broken plow berm to me, and said I should call the local PD to arrange for a winch-out. That happened in good and successful order, but the sun was rising by then so I got EB cuz I had a full morning of activities ahead of me. While I was in the lot 400 got E, as did 402. Because the 1st tow tech was wearing visi-gear, 402's E made the appropriate noises.
(Note to self: Avoid the 335 lot until dirt is visible.)
Given the increase in both solar glare and traffic, I kept the scanner off and took no notes except for mental ones. The 335 ELs were still at Stops, and racks showed across from Monty Tech. The EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, all else up to and including the FGs dark, the EB staggers for Derby going unseen.
The FI-1/2 parking spot was MT, and the W end of East Side still had CP and CSXT boxes, but the rest of East Side looked MT. Over at the X 7.8, the new structure is a full-blown cabin, and further S along Rte. 140, a boom truck and pickup were visible on the far side of the West Boylston solar farm, or Breakneck Ledges if you've read an old-enough ETT.
  by jaymac
0220-0415/03-13-2023 had -- as will be seen -- some familiar sights. Things were3 quiet until 0236 when D-3 answered AY-3. Mount Wachusett would limit the next bit for me, but it sounded like D-3 told them not to worry about it and that it might be another 24 hours.
2 minutes later was -- given the different voice -- probable D-2 garble advising somebodyt somethging about a Keolis signalman.
At 0241, D-3 again answered AY-3 and 241d the 7620 2 E to 2 at Camp and back to their train. The subsequent broken Dispatcher-side car countdowns were probably parts of that process.
At 0252, the 333 WLs were at Stop, the same NSs as on 03-10 -- the 6959, 9568, and 9715 -- on 1 and followed by DS trashes, but fewer than on 03-10, so no, they hadn't been tied down all that time. The 334s were all red, racks being the visible. More reds were on the 335 ELs and WLs, but naught was on the State Road/Rte. 2A UGB, and wherever the marker was, it was well E.
On the way WB, there was D-? garble, and up Da Hill, the 345s were dark, 2 in the yard was pretty much FP-FP with mixed general -- a box, scattered gons, covered hoppers that included shorties, and scattered centerbeams with lumber, probably from the EB to the E. Covered hoppers and at least 2 tanks were visible from the E FP of 4 however far W.
EB at 0325, there was brief Yard-Channel hash, and 3 later, all was the same at the 333s save for the CS WL now showing a Medium Clear, 400 in the future, but not near enough for the EB staggers for 330 to be anything other than at Approach.
At 0333, a string FI-2 called out to D-3 on Channel 1, wanting to continue E, D-3 OKing that. No other company receptions would exit the speaker for the balance of the trip. The 330.8 WBs and all else were dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0347.
At 0342, the W end of East Side and predictably the FI-1/2 parking spot were MT.
Today's Close Encounter of the Animal Kind happened just inside the Leominster line on North Street. A doe stood frozen in my headlights, but she was in the WB lane, me being EB. I'll take that as a data point for evolution starting to take hold.
Snow had started about 12 hours earlier than earlier predicted, and may the Nor'easter provide stuff that doesn't clog snowblower chutes or shear too many shear-pins.
  by jaymac
0220-0420/04-16-2023 was a bit on the light side, as will be seen, the 1st visual being the X7.8 having been run through and the 1st reception -- NECR hash -- not until 0249.
At 0252, the 333 WLs were at Stop, KCIR 7594 and NewBlues 505 and 7542 having done that on the 1 with slurries W, leading to the guess that this was an EDPO, in function if not name. Not wanting to get into grief on Development Road, I took the view of the WB 334s -- all Stops -- from the Wachusett parking lot. The slurries ran to the W part of the platform and then morphed into mixed. Princeton Road/Rte. 31 N and State Road/Rte. 2A provided the route to the 335s, the State Road/Rte. 2A UGB being MT and the 335 ELs and WLs also at Stop.
At 0303, Boston E had been kind enough to prove the scanner still worked, D-3 joining in 1 later when he answered FI-2, Mount Wachusett eating any immediate developments. More FI-2 will follow.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark. All tracks had seen at least some activity, and mixed general that included an MT center beam sat on the Extension and 1 to about the midpoint of Chair City Oil. A bucket loader and a tag-team of contractor dumps were removing the plow mounds from behind the MART garage, so no closer view was possible.
Things EB remained quiet, and the 333 WLs remained as before at 0331. At 0334 and again at 0338, there were spurts of Dispatcher-side hash, guessing D-2. The EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, but all else dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0354.
At 0349, The FI-1/2 parking spot had been MT with mebbe a CP box on the W end of East Side.There was brief Road-side hash at 0402, followed at 0412 and later by more Dispatcher-side hash, again possibly D-2.
At 0420, a breaking D-3 gave what mighta been either a 241 or permission to reverse direction W to CPF Derby to FI-2 with the what sounded like the 7595, D-3 advising FI-2 that they'd been stepped on by D-2.
You know who hasn't been heard from, but I'll leave you to do the pondering.
  by jaymac
0225-0425/03-17-2023 offered up major reruns of the day-earlier trip, as will be seen.
There were no company receptions until 0244 Dispatcher-side hash, clarity coming at 0252 with a Dispatcher-side "5 to go," but naught further. At 0254, a breaking D-3 would answer Keolis ???? and 2 later would give a thank you, good night, and D-3 out, so guessing a patrol had ended.
0257 would show the 333 WLs at Stop and KCIR 7594 and NewBlues 505 and 7542 plus slurries to the W, exactly where they had been 24 hours earlier. Different NERAIL submissions had showed them there in 03-16 daylight, so mebbe the stay was a St. Patrick's Day celebration.
Authority Drive was in good shape, so I continued on that approach to the 334s. Development Road was, however, not. Gravity helped me get to the bottom, but I'd strongly suggest nobody try a climb for at least a bit. The E end of 5th Mass. Turnpike was only 1 blade wide, so good luck with any opposing traffic. The 334 ELs and 1 WB stagger were at Stop, more slurries E and then MT centerbeams W. The 335 ELs and WLs were also at Stop and the State Road/Rte. 2A UGB MT, even more proof that the 03-16 16R had found itself a home.
There had been a 0307 both-sides broken D-3/FI-2 exchange about permission to go E that got given, so mebbe FI-2 had been the source of the 0252 "5 to go."
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark. What had been on the Extension and 1 on 03-16 had more additions W up to the Pratt yard, and 4 was FP-FP, heavy on covered hoppers. Guessing that the P&W Switcher had used 2 in the yard to set off the additions to 1 in the yard. At 0326, radio silence had gotten broken by a broken D-3 rogering whomever x2.
EB was quiet, and the 333s were as before at 0337. The EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, all else dark, up to and including the EB staggers for Derby at 0356.
At 0351, NewBlue 5958 was E-facing on the W end of a string of full-size covered hoppers on East Side, so mebbe the 0307 reception about going E was from FG or 330. There were more covered hoppers to the S on East Side.
0358 was the start of D-2(two) garble that involved the W end of a turnout, the 0400 cancellation of Form D G214, a roger that, and D-2 out.
Things would be quiet until 0421 when D-3 called AY-3 and advised that the ??? Extra crew would recrew them, the next few being silent.
  by jaymac
0220-0420/03-20-2023 was company-quiet until 0231 Dispatcher-side hash and again until 0242 when FI-2 advised D-3 they wanted to come off East Side with their Arrowheads and run around between FG and 330. 2 later, D-3 called out to 16R, garble ensuing cuzza -- yet again -- Mount Wachusett getting in the way.
At 0251, the 333 WLs were dark, as would be the 334s and 335s. Development Road still hadn't been plowed, but enough traffic and melting had happened to reduce the lugeness. In today's installment ofClose Encounters of the Deer Kind, a dozen or so does were holding a convention on the middle of State Road/ Rte/ 2A about 1/2 mile W of the UGB.
WB up Da Hill there was 0259 Dispatcher-side, 0302 Road-side, and 0303 Dispatcher-side hash, guessing FI-2-related.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark. 2 in the yard was pretty much FP-FP with mixed general, mostly covered hoppers, but a few tanks and a pair of tented centerbeams -- Interfor and unbranded -- to break up the sameness. There was at least 1 more covered hopper visible on 4 through a gap. At 0313, Boston West hash had proved the scanner was still working.
EB and W of the crest, there was possible D-2(two) hash at 0315, followed by Road-side hash at 0316, 1 later being when a clear FI-2 called out to D-3. There was neither response nor repetition, so guessing FI-2 got the light they mighta been calling for.
At 0322, the 333 WLs were dark, and further E, the EB staggers for 330 were at Approach, the 330.8 WBs, 330s, and GL WLs dark.
At 0333, there was brief Yard-Channel hash, followed by a broken D-2(two) 241.
The FG 2 WL was at Clear, NewBlue 5958 sitting just W of the UGB with DS trashes however far W, the C presumably releasing what he had wound up for the runaround. All the other FGs were at Stop, and at 0338, the W end of East Side had a fair amount of general. At 0349, there was brief Dispatcher-side hash, and 1 later, the EB stagger for Derby was dark.
0400 presented a broken D-2(two) 241 to M427, followed in 6 by more Dispatcher-side hash, followed in 1 by more D-2 garble to M427, and that followed by no further receptions until the 0420 end of listening.
More retentive readers will notice some strangeness in the later intervals, all coming from refueling stops, not at the Cleghorn Cumby's cuz they were closed, and not at the Main Street Cumby's whose reader wouldn't accept my card, but at the Main Street Speedway -- $2.97 regular and $0.36 less than the Main Street Cumby's -- whose reader did accept my card.
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