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  by JoeG
I remember the case a few years ago where a rookie cop arrested 4 card players, presumably with money showing. In settling this case, MN affirmed the right of its passengers to play cards. I'm curious about what MN's rules about card playing actually say. Do they address gambling, or ignore it? Also, anyone know what it cost to settle with the arrested lawyers?

  by DutchRailnut
Its illegal for Employees but customers can play all they want.
even with money showing .

  by Nasadowsk
I hear Amtrak's gonna start "off-track betting" on a few trains... ;) ;) ;)

  by boston774
Hmmmm... I remember that case. My understanding, which is secondhand, is that the players were keeping track of their score on a poster they had taken down. Apparently, they gave the officer some lip when he asked them to put it back, and things, as they say, developed from there.

Personally, I was happy about it. I used to get dirty looks from guys if I sat in "their" seats and interrupted "their" game. That gets old real quick, especially on trains as crowded as they were in the mid-90s.

  by mncommuter
boston774 wrote: the players were keeping track of their score on a poster they had taken down.
Card players I see usually sit in a four or five seater (facing each other) and use the posters as a "table". Most that I see put the advertisement back when they're done playing.

Legalities of playing cards aside, I suppose one might argue that taking down an advertisement is ripping off the advertiser, even if only temporarily, but then the crews do that too, when they make "these doors won't open" signs with the posters.

But, if the railroad provided them with a better way of doing that, I'm sure they would use it!

  by boston774
Agreed - IMHO what got them in the s*** was lipping off to the MTA cop. Defacing the poster was secondary...

  by Noel Weaver
Years ago, the train crews used to carry card boards for the commuters to
use in their games. They served the same purpose as the advertiseing
signs but they were solid and easier to use and they left the signs in place.
The train people would furnish one for each game (until they ran out).
The commuters paid something for the use of these boards which the
trainman could keep. I think the boards were furnished by the TDI outfit
which at that time was the one that had the contract for signs etc.
I used to hear trainmen say that they would take a job because it had so
many card games on it.
I suspect that they were a pain to handle and carry around but the
financial benefit was rewarding.
Noel Weaver