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  by Benjamin Maggi
I was asked via a Private Message the question below. It certainly can find a home on the A&A forum. Copies and pasted directly in:

I'm not sure what forum this would fit into . According to Mr. Pietrak's book about The Buffalo and Susquehanna Railway on page 102. Didn't the Buffalo and Susquehanna Ry., sell B.& S 4-6-0 No.107 to the Genesee and Wyoming as their No.0,then sold again to Arcade and Attica as their No.14? If this is correct where did the current Arcade and Attica RR No.14 come from? Possibly you or someone in the Arcade and Attica RR forum could educate me about this .
  by scottychaos
Its not correct..
Two different locomotives..
however both were Baldwin 4-6-0's, and both wore number 14 at some point! ;)

The B&S engine in question became A&A Number 4, not number 14.
It was however G&W number 14..which probably also helps perputuate the confusion..

Genesee & Wyoming 14:
4-6-0, Baldwin, built 1894.
nee Buffalo & Susquehanna #111
Renumbured B&S 107:1,124:1,154:1,104
to Wellsville & Buffalo #104 in 2/1915;
to Genesee & Wyoming #14 in 1917;
to General Equipment Company #0;
to Arcade and Attica #4 in 1922.
Scrapped in 1923, Arcade, NY

Arcade & Attica 14:
4-6-0, Baldwin, built 1917.
originally Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad #14
to A&A number 14 in 1963

  by BSOR Patarak
On the scrap date for A&A #4, it is later than 1923. It went to Ferguson-Allan Co of Batavia for repairs and returned to the A&A 9/30/24. It appears to have been sold to Morrison Railway Supply of Buffalo for scrap in 1930.

Scot, just curious as to the B&S numbers on the locomotive. Did start out as B&S 111? Any ideas of the dates it was renumbered?