• Full scale mini RR almost done-Need one more piece of scrap rail

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SST
The other day while riding my bike up in Tonawanda to check on the new path [not completed yet] I noticed a single piece of scrap rail laying all by itself. Its usage was for the guardrail. I was driving my Focus and the bike in the back so I couldn't acquire it without destroying something, including my back.

The next day, I drove up with my F150 hoping the some construction crews were there so that I could ask for it. They looked at me quizzingly. Then each other. I was kinda smirking myself and they hadn't really decided if I could have it. So I nudged them a little bit, "So, can I have it?" They said yeah ok and walked off. I got in my truck and backed up to the rail. It was nice to have the F150 because it blended well into the construction background. The was small enough that I could lift one end onto the tail gate with about 1 foot above it. This allowed me some leveraging and reduced the weight to pick up the rest of it. Which wasn't too bad. I got it in the truck, tied it down and off I went a happy camper.

When I got it home and off the truck, I cleaned the mud off of it. Corroded but not to bad. I could make out the time stamp on it.

LS Co. BUFFALO 750. 1909...………..I don't know what the 750 means. I assume the rest of it is Lackawanna Steel Company manufactured in Buffalo in 1909.

I was going to have it cut in half to fit my row but that would mean a cut through the time stamp. Not gonna happen. So I need to find another piece of scrap rail. Here are a couple of pics.

In the truck:

Time Stamp:

  by Fireman43
interesting - I can't help you on a pc of rail but the picture of your ROW reminds me of the B & H in Hammondsport. Few weeks ago in the village by the new condominiums I saw a small trailer loaded up with 1/2 pieces of ties with the plates still attached. This was in the area of the B & H engine house by the waterfront.
I thought hey that would be neat to grab one but were all strapped down and no one to ask. Besides my wife instructed me to " Keep Driving and Don't Even Think About It"

Oh Well