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  by burlington nothern 9903
I was just wondering if anybody knows what frieght trains use the Rock Island line. I know for shure that the Iowa Interstate uses the line to blue island. But i have been told that a CSX train runs down the line around 12:15 am or some time around there. Anybody know of any outhers? or if the CSX rumor is true or not.

  by MetraF40C607
Someone.......................oh wait, that's just Kevin Sadowski. CSX runs only during the night hours. If you see it during the day, then wow.

  by AmtrakFan
Chicago Rail Link typically runs at night.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
If you're refering to the CRL run south it runs weekly, during the day(bussiness hours), to a lumber yard in Mokena. They operate daily in and around Blue Island. Chicago Rail Link has nightly runs to and from its 123rd St. yard. CRL connects with the Rock Island District just north of the 95th Street Station.

I have 5 pictures of this run. http://community.webshots.com/photo/316 ... 7855FNhkFa
http://community.webshots.com/photo/316 ... 7454nsHvKi
http://community.webshots.com/photo/316 ... 7486lCGtwD
http://community.webshots.com/photo/316 ... 7798dXdJla
http://community.webshots.com/photo/316 ... 7817OoCSuD

  by metraRI
The CRL is just south of Gresham and a bit north of 95th Steet Longwood. CRL's track wyes north and south on RI, Metra wants to use the same track for the SES to connect from UP to RI.

  by Tadman
I saw the CRL at Vermont the other day, those geeps are battered and all used up, but a great show - plenty of stack talk and the only horn I've heard that matches the South Shore MU's. Any idea what kind of horn that is?

  by MikeF
South Shore M.U. cars are currently equipped with Nathan P3 horns. There may still be a few of them floating around with the original single-chime horns. I can't remember who made those.

  by Tadman
I think that might have been a Japanese Market horn, because I've never heard anything like that original 1-chime.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
CSX runs only during the night hours. If you see it during the day, then wow.

Well.... This morning was odd. I was waiting for my inbound to school and much to my surprise as I look to the north I see a big FURX SD-40 leading a CSX SD-40 and a CSX GP15 pulling (can't forget about the GP40 on the end) a nice mile long beast right in the middle of the morning rush. What was odd about it was that the train departs from Blue Island and I was at Oak Forest. Why did Metra allow this train to run at 7:00 in the morning on a Monday??

  by doepack
That's funny, because I was railfanning at Blue Island this morning (10/3), arriving there about 6:30am, and I don't recall seeing any freight traffic either to or from Blue Island yard, although it's possible I might've just missed the train you saw. I'm not aware of any freight curfew on this route; maybe they let it through because it was traveling in the "reverse commute" direction, or perhaps it was a priority freight of some kind. Do you remember if this was a stack or TOFC train?

  by JLJ061
Last May I spent the entire night at Joliet, and got to see the CSX locals right at daybreak, just before the first scheduled inbound Metra run. Very cool sight to see! :)

  by Scotty Burkhardt
It was a CSX.

CSX doesn't go through Blue Island (Vermont Strret) it comes on to the rock between Robbins and Blue Island. The only frieght that goes in/out of Vermont is CRL and IAIS

  by Amtrak31
Two Iowa Interstate trains per day. One is CBBI which runs in the morning, and the other is BICB which runs in the later evening after rush hour which is around 7:45. CBBI runs around maybe 10:30, normally after the 10:22's departure. Other Iowa Interstate trains run too. An example is RIBI. They have different schedules on weekends, however, don't count on them to always come at those certain times. Those are the times when I see them. At times, they could come during the middle of the night. It's happened to me before. I waited in the cold once for two hours waiting for that bridge (visible from Joliet Union Station) to go down but it never did. I wasn't at a total loss. I went back the next day and caught it in real good sunlight.

I'm not sure how the CSX's run. I have seen them a few times during the day in the afternoon. Some nice EMD's were running them with a DPU at the end (No GE's allowed on The Rock if I'm not mistaking). The few times I saw them in the afternoon was on a Sunday.

For CRL, I've never seen those before. I guess I have to get out further around Tinley Park to see those. I'm guessing they don't run as far as Joliet? It'd be nice to see one of those.
JLJ061 wrote:Last May I spent the entire night at Joliet, and got to see the CSX locals right at daybreak, just before the first scheduled inbound Metra run. Very cool sight to see! :)
Awesome! Joliet is a very nice spot. It's quite conveinent for me since I live 10 minutes away.