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  by Tom Curtin
RE CSX freights on Hudson: How many per day and approximate schedule?

I presume whatever there is comes onto the Hudson at Stuyvesant, NY and uses the "Oak Point Connector" (or whatever the official names of the track in the West Bronx is)

  by M1 9147
Don't forget that also there are CP Rail consists there also (D&H). Yes, all freight consists use the Oak Point connector to get to Oak Point Yards from the Hudson Line.
  by Tom Curtin
Aha, thank you for that reminde!!. OK, so I revise my question to read: what is the frquency and approximate schedule of anybody's freights on the Hudson?

  by Jayjay1213
CP 90% of the time makes it down to Fresh Pond yard in Queens around 3am on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. They leave around 4pm on those afternoons. When coming down and leaving they usually make pickups and set offs in Oak Point, not sure how long that takes them though.

  by Otto Vondrak
CSX and CP do not schedule freights on the Hudson Line.

The CP/D&H freight usually operates northbound on M, W, F, and usually gets the clear to enter CP 8 anywhere between 6 and 7pm. The southbound movement usually occurs under the cover of darkness.

There are various CSX locals that operate from Croton West Yard. There are various CSX Selkirk-Oak Point freights that run down the Hudson Line, too.


  by bingdude
And yes, as I went past CP 8 (next to the new Highbridge Yard) CP was waiting. Last several cars were LIRR ballast hoppers.

There seems to be a local freight that operates on Wed. Mornings. It passes Hastings on its way SB around 8:35am. Usually its two CSX Geeps and a couple of closed hoppers.

  by Otto Vondrak
This info was forwarded to me by a friend:

CSX Q431 is an assigned train that reports for duty 7 days a week in Selkirk at 2100 (9:00pm)

Q430 is an assigned train that reports for duty 7 days a week in Oak Point
at 2100

K277 is an assigned train that reports for duty 5 days a week in Oak Point
at 1900

K282 is currently run as needed from Selkirk to Oak Point, but should be a
regular assignment in the near future.
  by Tom Curtin
Thanks for the details Otto. . . . Looks like the operation is after dark and not likely to be photographable. Also, you have to be a "night person" which I'm not!