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  by ctclark1
I know, potential customers come up a lot around here, and the news is almost always the same... But I had a crazy (and probably unreasonable) idea...

I saw a picture of the A&A refueling at Conroy Motors (I think it was one of Bigham's) and it kinda got my imaginative side rolling...

Does Conroy intake enough inventory to make it worth an auto-rack once in a while? ;) (I assume not, but crazy ideas...) With the tracks right there it seems like if they wanted to the crew could drop off an auto-rack from the end of the train bound for Reisdorf on their way up the line, then come back and pick it on at the end of the switching ops up there...

But anyhoo, aside from my crazy ideas, anything else on the horizon?
  by Benjamin Maggi
Aside from the logistics of trying to get an entire carload of automobiles for a small western-ny customer, here is something to chew on: can you imagine trying to get an 89' automobile car around the curve after the bridge? I don't recall the length of the A&A's boonton coaches but I don't think they are 89' long.

As for new customers, I cannot even speculate to it. I thought that the stove place was going to turn into one but I don't think that ever happened.
  by ctclark1
That thought had actually occurred to me as well after I posted, again, it was more just a crazy idea in my head.