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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by trapper
Does anyone have info on Foster Brook & State Line r.r. operation? I would like to take a trip out to
see the shay in operation, but as it is a private ( i believe) operation not a museum i do not want to
just walk in,trespass. Its a bit of a haul to get there from my home, so would realy need to know
when they are definately running. I have a rough idea of where the r.r. is located, but could use some
directions in the immediate local area. Any contact info would be much appreciated. Thanks....

  by Aa3rt
Trapper-I've been interested in this locomotive since I first saw a photo of it in Trains Magazine a couple of years ago. I grew up in northwestern PA, not too far from Bradford and have a strong interest in the narrow gauge lines and logging railroads that served that area of the Commonwealth.

I tried the trusty "Google" search but there's not a whole lot of information out there. As you've noted the line is consistently listed as "private" without much other information.

I did find a few short video clips on "Youtube", here's a link to one of them:


Possibly your best bet would be to find some railfan group in the Bradford area that might be able to alert you to when the locomotive is scheduled to run and if it's open to members, the general public or what.

EDIT: I did try looking for a National Railway Historical Society chapter in the region. The closest is the Bucktail Chapter based in St. Mary's, PA. When I went to the link it connected me to the site for the Bauer's Bucksgahuda & Western, another 2 foot gauge railroad running on the outskirts of St. Mary's. I've visited the B&W before when the Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad Historical Society held their yearly outing in September. Here's the link to the B&W: http://www.bnwrr.com/

Click on 2009 for photos of another 2 foot gauge Shay the plies the rails of the B&W.
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  by erie2937
I have been to the FB&SL several times. It is very private. The owner operates two or three times each year. He invites people to attend. The sessions are not advertised publicly. The location is somewhat remote and cannot accomodate more than a couple dozen people and their cars. The Shay is a beautiful little engine. It runs flawlessly on about a half mile of track. HTG
  by trapper
Aa3rt, Thanks for the reply.I have done the "Google" search in the past as well and all i came up with is the
Utube clips also. I have been to the B&W website quite a few times, and i want to visit that operation soon.
As the two r.r.'s are somewhat in the same neighborhood, maybe someone at the B&W can give me some
info on the FB&SL operation. Like yourself, i have a strong interest in the lumber co lines and geared engines
in Pa. Again thanks!.......
  by trapper
erie2937, Ok, i kind of thought that was the situation with the FB&SL. I certianly respect the owners wish to limit
visitors. Is there perhaps a waiting list of some kind that i could sign up on?

Thanks..... Trapper
  by Aa3rt
Here's a link with the history of the locomotive in question, a builder's photo and a second photo of how it appears today:

http://www.shaylocomotives.com/data/lim ... n-3118.htm