MTA LIRR Double Track Project - Ronkonkoma to Farmingdale

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Re: MTA LIRR Double Track Project - Ronkonkoma to Farmingdal

Post by Head-end View » Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:51 pm

Yeah, they do look really goofy. And I sympathize with all the things that are wrong with them. Metro-North has similar signals, but they standardized theirs system wide in the space of a few years, back in the 1990's, saving their engineers the trouble of having to know multiple systems. They also only have two basic aspects except for a few special signals in Grand Central Terminal.

If our friend Dutch from Metro-North is with us maybe he could tell us how M-N's engineers felt about the change to reduced-aspect signals and whether they got to like them better over time.

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Re: MTA LIRR Double Track Project - Ronkonkoma to Farmingdal

Post by Absolute-Limited Advance-Approach » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:45 am

MN still has standard Norac signals in their rule book for their nortern diesel operations last I checked, so they still learn the standard signals we learn (unless they do partial qualification) as well as 'green means go'.

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Re: MTA LIRR Double Track Project - Ronkonkoma to Farmingdal

Post by MACTRAXX » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:15 am

What I am interested in particular is which platform westbound trains will be serving Central Islip.
As some know CI is the only 1987 station building that is on the south side-Platform B. With the
timetable beginning in September westbound trains may continue to serve Platform B by using the
south track out of Ronkonkoma and then crossing over at the new CI interlocking over to the north
track. All eastbound trains would serve the north side Platform A and then continue to KO on that
track. If all westbound trains were to use the "proper" north track at CI riders would have to use
either the overhead bridge or the Lowell Avenue crossing sidewalks at the east end to cross over.
This could be addressed by placing added TVMs and/or a new waiting room on the north side. I am
looking forward to see what the CI platform assignments are under the new September schedule...

Everyone: Back on August 15, 2018 (bottom of Page 32) I posted about a potential problem with
westbound trains at Central Islip using Platform A - the north platform. From News 12 LI on 2/5: ... islip-lirr" onclick=";return false;

I predicted correctly that there would be problems at Central Islip if westbound trains served
Platform A. One incorrect statement in the News 12 report is that ALL trains served Platform B.
Platform A had limited service with its passing siding status noted in the Ronkonkoma Branch TT.
MTA Police have been ticketing riders ducking under the Lowell Avenue crossing gate at the east
end of the platforms crossing over in front of arriving westbound trains.

It will be interesting to see the LIRR's response to the Central Islip problems...MACTRAXX
Everyone: I went to the Central Islip Station this weekend to get a general idea how far apart the
station building is from the pedestrian overpass and the walkway at the Lowell Avenue crossing.

The pedestrian overpass is 5 car lengths (85 feet x 5) or 425 feet from the station building west.
The walkway at the Lowell Avenue crossing is about 200 feet east of the building - the third car
of eastbound trains (or the 10th car of westbound 12 car trains) platforms at the station building.

There still is the two full-service TVMs that are trackside at the building. A third TVM on Platform
A (in one of two shelters) would be a welcome addition for westbound riders boarding at CI.


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