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  by leftyfretguy
I have a question about the government forms that have to be filled out. What are they for? I mean what purpose do they serve? I thought the form 4 was what allowed a locomotive to run legally. But the engine has already been test run (btw im not accusing the A&A of doing anything illegal) But how can you run an engine before the government form is returned. You don't need this form for private railroads that don't connect with the rest of the world right? But the A&A doesn't fall under that category, is it ok to test an engine in the yard before the government says ok?
I don't have a clue about these forms but I hear about them all the time so I was hoping someone could shed some light on them

  by admiralwolf
I can't speak for certain on this, cause I don't know all the details, but I think it's kind of how mechanics on cars can take a car for a test drive so long as the vehicle is kept within so many miles of the service station where the mechanic works... in this case, I believe the form 4 requirement is for a steam engine to be used in revenue service or pulling a load not including it's own fuel supply car(s) but not necessarily for testing.

I read a bit of reading on it, and that's what I got regarding the necessary document.

I believe this is the proper document:

http://www.fra.dot.gov/downloads/safety ... CM%204.PDF

  by ATK
Nope, that document has to do with track, not steam locomotives.

Try this link. First page, third paragraph talks very briefly about Form 4's.

http://www.fra.dot.gov/downloads/safety ... 9-230a.pdf

The A&A will have needed to be working closely with the FRA during the duration of the work being done on the 18 -- I'm sure that they have done this and are in compliance.

  by admiralwolf
Whoops... sorry... I pasted in the wrong link. Thank you.

  by jgallaway81
The form 4 is a document which uses math to show the safety of the boiler based on metal thickness and alloy content in the steel.

The math then shows what each specified square is capable of handling in regards to pressure and how its loading will effect the integrety of the squares beside them and the boiler vessel as a whole.

As for a steam up, I haven't heard any news regarding that, but I'm sure it would be done within the confines permitted by Federal rules & regulations