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  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by bill8106
I'm looking for info regarding foreign power on the Central in the 50's and 60's, be it leased, scheduled joint/run-through trains, or any other situations of routine power sharing. Here is what I have so far that I think is accurate:

- leased IC E units (on the Riley)
- leased B&M geeps
- leased B&LE F units
- CB&Q units on run-through freights

While I'm at it, are there examples of Central power running on other roads?

  by edbear
I seem to recall late in NYC days that CBQ & SSW power now and then came into Boston. I don't think the IC units on the Riley were leased. The Riley was an IC train with IC tickets between Chicago & Kankakee and NYC and IC worked out a deal to compensate NYC for providing rolling stock for those passengers on IC tickets in NYC cars on the IC leg of the trip. Up until late 1950s, there were a lot more trains than the Riley and Cincinnati Spl/Sycamore over the route.
  by shlustig
IIRC, the IC units went onto the JWR in order to eliminate the use of NYC steam locomotives on those trains.

We had SSW and MP units running through STL to Avon; for a while the MP's came as far as Cleveland and were turned back from Collinwood.

CRI&P and C&NW units went through to Elkhart.

The B&LE F-units were used mainly out of Ashtabula to Youngstown and as helpers on the Carson Hill.

The B&M units worked mostly in local service out of Collinwood.
  by BR&P
The CB&Q units worked west on the Water Level Route on LS-3 - I can't recall which "NY-__" train was the flip side of that.

When did the unit coal trains to Bow NH start? They usually had one or two B&M geeps in the middle of the consist but can't recall if that was NYC or PC timeframe.
  by shlustig

IIRC, they went east on either NY-2 or NY-12.
  by BR&P
Thanks! At the time I was working days and I believe neither of those went through Rochester during that trick. At least I don't recall seeing the units eastbound often if ever. Also, those eastbounds did not work here, while LS-3 did.
  by Noel Weaver
In the New York Central days the mainline was equipped with ATS (train stop) and locomotives in order to lead had to be equipped. I think some Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Illinois Central, Chicago and North Western and maybe some others were so equipped and could lead on the mainline. I don't know about units from other railroads.
Noel Weaver
  by bill8106
Thanks for the responses and information. I have a few follow up questions based on what I've learned so far:

- aside from the B&M, were there any other eastern roads that the Central either leased from and/or shared power?
- from the PC era, I've found a few trains and I'm curious if they were carry-overs from pre-merger days:
- PC/BM freight BM-7/NY-10 between East Deerfield and Dewitt
- Santa Fe SF-2, Streator to Elkhart (this may have been a SF train with trackage rights versus a joint train, and could this be Pennsy legacy?)

Thanks again for all the info.
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  by ExCon90
To the best of my recollection -- and my best may not be very good -- there was a through-routed freight from Streator to Logansport via TP&W-Effner-PRR and return; I can't recall the symbol. If it was still running at the time of the merger it would have been logical to route it to Elkhart. As to the through routing to and from the B&M, I don't know the specific symbols, but I remember that in Boston the NYC mostly did business as the Boston & Albany (stations on the B&A answered the phone "Boston & Albany", not "New York Central") but maintained a separate NYC freight sales office (at 1121 North Station, in a 1956 Official Guide), which solicited traffic via Rotterdam Jct.-B&M, and no doubt there was a through train, possibly from DeWitt to East Deerfield.
  by Statkowski
On the Central's Pennsylvania Division, wasn't there some sort of joint operation between the Central, Pennsy and Erie running up to Corning, N.Y.?
  by shlustig
There was an NYC / PRR power pool between Dewitt and Williamsport via Lyons & Corning, with the PRR assigned power equipped with the NYC train stop.

Also, PRR had trackage rights between Sandusky and Cleveland - Ashtabula - Erie for the movement of empty hoppers / jennies to the PRR docks for loading.

The Dewitt / Mickeyville run was pre-merger which peaked (IIRC) at 2 round-trips daily.