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  by trainbrain
Saw a video where the description said that after this weekend the C is switching over to R46's with the A getting the R32's from there. They want to run full length trains on the C during the L shutdown, so the R160's that run there will also have to be moved elsewhere.

The R179's seem to be entering service on the J, so the R42's will be retired from there, and I assume they will be sending the R32's over to the A, swapping with the R160's that came off the C and keeping the R179's there for fleet expansion since they'll need to run way more trains.

The G is going to have to run full length trains as well, and I'm not sure where they'll be getting the cars from.
  by andrewjw
Presumably G, J, M, and Z will all get extra 480' trains from the C, L surplus, and R179 order. G is currently 300' so increase to 480' may be sufficient, especially since riders can take it either direction depending on their end destination.
Even with new trains, I'm not sure how this will all work out without converting another line (B?) to 480'.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
The only reason why the C is doing this swap this early is because of the 53rd Street tube shut down - the C will be the only local covering Eighth Avenue - they need the full length trains...and after this weekend? Nah, it already started.
  by trainbrain
I think they'd probably take the R32's off the J and swap them with the R160's currently on the C. Then the R179's come in and replace the R42's and also run on the G. No reason the G would need 600 foot trains during the shutdown and 480 foot trains should work just fine.

I don't think they would make either of the lengthened trains permanent, but there is a chance.