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  by kevinator

My wife and I snagged a sweet deal in Via in economy from Winnipeg to Vancouver in a few weeks. This will be our first long haul train trip and would appreciate any advice you can offer to make our trip more enjoyable! Specifically, I'm wondering...

a) Is it possible, like airlines, to upgrade to a sleeper class when we check in (or before). If the price is right, it might be worth it!
b) Are there any food items or other essentials we should bring onboard to make our trip more enjoyable?
c) any food tips for purchasing onboard?
d) any seating recommendations? I'm guessing the train will be fairly quiet this time of the year...

I'm looking forward to your responses.

With thanks,
  by NeoArashi
Conserning your first question, I'd say no simply for the fact that you 'struck' a deal. Discounted tickets are known for not being exchangeable