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  by Kurt-Trirail
http://tri-rail.com/shop/proddetail.asp ... 03&from=19

Nice, for Athearn, but not too impressive for their RTR lineup. Rather surprising that they got the accuracy down to this extent, although the omission of the white markings on the plow ruin it somewhat.

Oh, and based around the GP50 model, of course.


  by ApproachMedium
Kurt, the delievered model of the engine looks far better than whats shown in the photo you provided.


Heres mine that I got 2 months ago. Ditch lights and markers were not factory, I added them afterwords.

  by darkcurves
Wow, looks great! Have you tried it on the cab car, is it possible?

  by ApproachMedium
Forgot to add the rear pilot has the orange and white tiger stripes too.

The cab car is alot more difficult since they do not have wheel pickups. The same friend that did the lighting in the loco is going to do the lighting in the cab car for me. One idea we threw around was making MU jumpers that carry the rail pickup from the locomotive to the cabcar thru the train. Since locomotives are heavier and usually have a consistant track pickup. That way no flickering lights on my cab.

  by darkcurves
Yeah, i agree, to add wheel pick up, the coach has gotta be way heavier to it's current weight. Plus depending on the type of wheel pickup, it will definitely generate some amount of drag to the wheels.

I am yet to hear of operational MU hoses in HO scale! Keep us updated on this project. :-D