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  by JLJ061

A charter member of the Center Township Fire Department was killed Tuesday night in a train versus truck accident in LaPorte County. LaPorte County Coroner John Sullivan says 92-year-old George Crk was the passenger in a truck that was hit by a train on private property.

Considering the train was only going 15 mph, you would think the impact would be fairly survivable!
  by justalurker66
JLJ061 wrote:http://www.wndu.com/localnews/headlines/97450224.html

Considering the train was only going 15 mph, you would think the impact would be fairly survivable!
The victim was 92 ... being that age is barely survivable.

Reading the comments on the story it seems many didn't read the story. Mr Crk was the passenger in the truck, not the driver. It is unfortunate that he was hit. I have crossed that track occasionally on a public crossing about a mile away that is protected by stop signs. With the extremely light load those crossings easily become ones where people don't expect a train. The private crossing was his own driveway.

Here is the obituary:
http://www.whatsnewlaporte.com/2010/06/ ... 1917-2010/
  by dinwitty
I can only think of this ironic story I read somewhere....

years ago when the automobile was rare and horse traffic and railroads prevailed...
some county somewhere only had 2 car owners, and of course you don't think, but yep, the inevitable happenenned....

the 2 cars crashed into each other.

be safe out there.
  by dinwitty
GARY -- Gary Police have released the names of the two people killed this morning when their car was struck by a South Shore commuter train at County Line Road and Dunes Highway. According to Lt. Sam Roberts, the dead are two young women, Taajae McKinley, 20, of the 4000 block of Grand Boulevard, East Chicago, and Victoria Lucio, 19, of the 6000 Block of Miller Avenue, Gary. Emergency personnel attend to the occupants of a car that was struck by a South Shore train this morning at County Line Road and Dunes Highway in the Miller section of Gary.
(Michael McArdle/Post-Tribune)

McKinley was the driver of the car and Lucio was sitting in the rear driver's side seat, said Roberts, Gary Police public information officer.

I didnt want to make a new thread as I don't thrill posting things like this, but still a sad fact, running around downed gates again.


I would love to see this poster dropped at crossings or pasted on some Ad board.