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  by orangeline
I just saw a story on the local newscast that there was a fire on a CTA Green Line train this morning. The motorman was notified of fire and smoke by passengers somewhere around 43rd St. elevated station (that part's unclear). What I understand is that he (she) told passengers to move out of the affected car and let them out at the next stop and then moved the train away from the station to around 37th St (between stations) to prevent the fire from spreading to the station platform. The motorman is being called a hero for quick thinking and a calm and cool demeanor during the incident. By the way, video from a news copter shows one car to be pretty much destroyed, windows blown out, the interior gutted and the roof buckled. A second car supposedly also suffered fire damage.

  by orangeline
I have a followup to the original post.

It seems the fire began in the 3rd or 4th car of a 6-car train bound for Harlem/Lake. After being alerted to smoke and fire, the motorman had passengers move to cars ahead of or behind the one(s) on fire. At 43rd St he stopped the train so that only the last 2 cars were at the platform and discharged passengers from those cars. He also tried putting out the fire with the car's fire extinguisher but couldn't. He then moved the train to Indiana Ave and stopped to discharge passengers from the first 2 cars. Finally he moved the train onto an out-of-service track between Indiana Ave and 35 St where the fire dept. was waiting. Early guesses as to the cause of the fire include badly overheated brakes. It appears the middle 2 card of the train are total writeoffs.

Guys: I have only seen one picture of this car - Was it a 2400 Series Boeing car? MACTRAXX

  by byte
Yes. I think that's the fifth 2400-series railcar to be wrecked/toasted to the point where it was beyond repair.