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  • Discussion relating to the FEC operations, past and present. Includes Brightline. Official web site can be found here: FECRWY.COM.
Discussion relating to the FEC operations, past and present. Includes Brightline. Official web site can be found here: FECRWY.COM.

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  by davejfr0
Did FEC ever have passenger cars with these type of window arrangements?


If they did, is there any chance that SCL took these cars from them and that SCL ever had cars that had these window arrangements?

From all of the pictures I have seen, FEC never had cars like these and SCL's window arrangements included wider rounded windows.

I could be wrong and thats why I am posting.
  by Noel Weaver
I can not answer your question but I can suggest that you purchase the
book "Speedway to Sunshine" by Seth Bramson who is the absolute
authority concerning the Florida East Coast.
There are a lot of pictures of FEC passenger equipment in this interesting
book. Incidentally, the first printing sold out quite quickly and after it was
sold out, second hand copies were quite rare and expensive. It was
reprinted a year or two ago and is still available in hobby shops or from
Ron's Books among other sources.
Noel Weaver

  by davejfr0
Thanks for the book idea, the NCSU library actually has it among many other train books that I've used for other information.

I will probably hit them up tonight or tomorrow.


  by ACLfan
I heartily agree with Noel that Seth Bramson's book is the best info. source readily available on the topic of FEC.

The FEC got out of the passenger business due to a bitter labor strike, with the last passenger trains operating under a court order in 1963.

Subsequently, the FEC sold off most of their passenger equipment, with some of it going to the SAL, and then to the SCL following the merger of SAL and ACL in 1967.

I believe that some of this equipment made it from SCL to Amtrak, and was used for some years in Amtrak service.

Regarding your posted photo, the uppermost photo looks like an FEC passenger car.

Incidentally, one former FEC passenger car is still in "passenger service"
on the Savannah, Americus & Montgomery RR, otherwise known as the SAM Shortline, that operates a round-trip excursion train on former SAL trackage between Cordele and Archery, GA. Currently, the round-end ob/lounge car is named the "Samuel Hawkins", but it was the "Key Biscayne" in FEC passenger service. The SAM Shortline has a website, and the owner is a real railfan!

FEC also owns a former passenger car, named the "Azalea", that they keep at various locations from time to time.


  by Tadman
I've found for various reasons, the model makers take quite the creative license with window arrangements and paint schemes. I have some HO athearn coaches lettered for NP, but looking nothing like an NP paint scheme. I have some N ATSF cars with a red band at the window line - never seen that on ATSF cars, and also the window lines don't match up from car to car for no apparent reason. With models, it's best to throw some good money at high end passenger cars or invest some elbow grease in kitbashing to get it right.

Me, I just gave up. No space and no time. Besides, in the railroad capital of the world, its not like one is short of trains to watch or ride.

  by Noel Weaver
Occasionally the FEC business car Azelea can be seen on the road, usually
behind one of their van trains.
Last night (Friday, April 21st) the Azelea went through Fort Lauderdale a
little bit before midnight on the rear of train 101 which had a big train.
Right behind the FEC car was another car marked "United States" and with
an open observation platform on the rear that had a couple of people
riding on it.
I have seen the Azelea pass through on previous occasions but not in
some time.
Noel Weaver


  by Noel Weaver
Was told Sunday that the two passenger cars that I saw Friday night went
north Saturday in the PM.
Noel Weaver


  by younger
As to the operation, under court order, of a passenger train, I rode from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville in October of 1967. At the most, I remember two or three other passengers. I do not remember just what year the FEC was allowed to drop the service. When the train out of North Mimia and the train out of Jacksonville met, the crews changed trains and went back home for the night.
  by Noel Weaver
The strike passenger train operated from August 2, 1965 to July 31, 1968 inclusive. The train operated between Jacksonville and North Miami. The old station in downtown Miami had been demolished prior to the first day of operation for this train. Consist was an E-9, two coaches and a observation car used as a parlor car. The passengers could order a box lunch enroute. These trains carried revenue ;assengers only as no passes were honored. They also carried no mail or express, not even company mail. I don't know whether they handled interline sale of tickets or not.
The second edition of "Speedway to Sunshine" is out of print but there is a third edition in soft cover due for release soon if it has not already happened.
We are very hopeful that the Amtrak Inspection Train of April/May, 2010 will bear fruit and result in an Amtrak train or trains over this fantastic route before too many more years. We still haven't gotten the answers yet but maybe pretty soon.
Noel Weaver