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  by bingdude
A friend E-mailed me a thread saying that the 1100 MUs (ex- NYC) are going to be scrapped. Not surprising since they are 30+ years old and they have those all-new, all-cool M7s in service.

Does anybody know if any might be preserved? It would be a shame to see them all go to the torch.
  by Mike Roque
bingdude wrote:Does anybody know if any might be preserved?
I would imagine that at least a couple would be. I'm surprised I haven't heard speculation about DRM asking for one or two.

What would be involved in requesting one from MN? What is their criteria for giving one to someone or an organization?

  by DutchRailnut
I was told by a higherup in Mechanical Dept last Saterday that the ACMU's are going to Pennsylvania to a buyer, presumably Ken Bitten . for sale as excursion coaches.
  by Mike Roque
Thanks, DutchRailnut.

What I had in mind was possible donation to a local NRHS chapter...is that a possibility?

It's just a thought, but stranger things have happened...

  by DutchRailnut
a bit late to change to donation request after they are sold.
Every museum and local historical group new these cars were to be replaced soon. the same Mechanical Higher up estemated the last ACMU's to go off property by end of July or early August.

  by M1 9147
I'm still disappointed that the sister LIRR gave up its C1's rather than rebuilding them. Hopefully a buyer who is interested will buy them off of Mr. Bitten like Metro North, or CDOT.

  by DutchRailnut
don't think so Conndot just bought 38 single level marfesa cars from VRE.

  by Otto Vondrak
Dutch, I'm not sure I understand- are all of the ACMU's already spoken for, or just a select few?


  by DutchRailnut
From what I hear all are bought by a person in Pennsylvania.

  by 9C1LT1
Hi Everyone,

In late June I'd like to get some photos of the ACMU's at 125st. Station. Will they still be running then?



  by DutchRailnut
a few of them will still run in June , as M7's come online they are retired in bunches of six cars per week if everything goes well.

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
It's a shame that no museum, not even the NYC Transit Museum has opted to acquire some of these historic cars. These are the last New York Central Railroad cars out there. They have served the New York City metro area well, providing safe, dependable and comfortable rail service for millions and millions of New Yorkers for the last 40 years. Couldn't the MTA donate a few of these cars to a museum? No, there looking at the bucks and not at preserving a bit of rail history. This depresses me terribly.

  by DutchRailnut
The question is not could they, the question is did any museum or historic society even put in a request to get any cars are do they expect MTA to come looking for them ?

  by roee
DutchRailnut wrote:The question is not could they, the question is did any museum or historic society even put in a request to get any cars are do they expect MTA to come looking for them ?
I agree with Dutch... There seems to be a lot of people complaining that none of these cars are going to be saved, but does anyone know any groups that tried or wanted to save these cars? It's seems like lets bash the MTA for selling the cars... but lets not realistily look at the situation.

  by Otto Vondrak
It still costs money to purchase a car, have it moved on its own wheels, and stored... many groups may not have those kinds of funds available. I wont speak for Danbury Railway Museum, since I dont know what their financial situation is- but I assume they would be in the best position to preserve an ACMU since they are on-line to MN, and the company might possibly donate the cost of transportation to the Museum. However, who said DRM wants two or three of these things clogging up their yard? they only have so much available display and work space, so they must consider that as well... all museums have to consider the costs, where to store it, and who will work to preserve the car- always hard when you already have ten or twelve other projects that demand attention too (all museums have this problem).

So ok right now I'll settle for ONE car painted Pacemaker Green with delux gold stipes and NEW YORK CENTRAL lettering. Just one. OK?