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  by eolesen
One last night on the UPNW...
Mt. Prospect Police Department Investigating a Train Crash Involving a Pedestrian

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at approximately 5:13 PM, the Mount Prospect Police Department responded to the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks near the intersection of Northwest Highway (Route 14) and Emerson Street for a report of a pedestrian that was struck by outbound Metra express commuter train #633.

Upon arrival, officers located a female subject who had sustained fatal injuries as a result of being struck by the train. The female is identified as Paula Maloney, a 61 year old Mount Prospect resident. This incident is still being investigated by the Mount Prospect Police Department, with the assistance of the Metra Police Department. There were no other injuries reported as a result of this incident.

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  by eolesen
NEW LENOX, Ill. (CBS) -- Service on the Metra Rock Island line was disrupted on Friday afternoon after a train his a pedestrian near south suburban Mokena.

Around 3 p.m., Metra said in a tweet that inbound and outbound train movement was stopped near New Lenox because of the incident and that customers should expect extensive delays.

CBS 2's chopper was over the scene Friday evening.

Metra police said the female victim is dead but did not have any identifying information including her age. A death investigation is underway.

The agency said two trains were already not running Friday evening because of the incident. Metra said customers should expect extensive delays.

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  by west point
what is it? Are older persons getting in the way of trains?
  by justalurker66
For those interested in the statistics:
https://railroads.dot.gov/accident-and- ... -age-group

One can do all sorts of sorting and filtering to see how many people were injured or killed by location and year how the incident was classified.
  by eolesen
west point wrote:what is it? Are older persons getting in the way of trains?
The Mount Prospect incident sounded like she was distracted or inattentive and walked around the gates. Not intentional per the MPPD. Long time resident who was known for being out walking per the obit.

My guess is wearing headphones or earbuds and reading a screen or talking on the phone played a role. All that stuff tends to block out the distraction of things like warning bells and train horns...

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  by daybeers
Wouldn't happen with fencing that this country is seemingly allergic to outside of eyesore interstates...
  by ExCon90
Depends. A lot of accidents are caused by pedestrians going around or under lowered gates; fencing the right-of-way won't stop that.

On the subject of statistics, are any pedestrian accidents classified by grade-crossing vs. trespassing on open right-of-way? I'm guessing the former would predominate.
  by justalurker66
"Grade crossing" only applies at places where it is legal to cross the tracks. Roads and pedestrian crossings.
"Trespassing" applies to people who are on railroad property without permission.

Statistics are reported by the railroads who are instructed to not include suicides in their reporting of deaths, however studies have shown that a high number of deaths reported to the FRA could have been classified as suicides (the number was 20% of the deaths reported 2001-2004, IIRC). People struck after going around crossing protection are often classified as trespassers in reporting to the FRA. (Which includes being struck at a crossing.)

One should not consider grade-crossing vs trespassing as mutually exclusive of each other or as inclusive of all classifications. Railroads also report injuries and deaths of railroad workers on duty, railroad workers off duty, passengers as well as trespassers and non-trespassers.
  by eolesen
daybeers wrote: Mon Sep 26, 2022 8:12 pm Wouldn't happen with fencing that this country is seemingly allergic to outside of eyesore interstates...
Fencing wouldn't have done a damn thing. The Mount Prospect accident happened at a grade crossing at the train station...