Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by Alloy
Thanks, David, I really like those photos. I fell in love with that paint scheme when I saw it in an American Flyer catalogue back in the late fifties, early sixties. I can't remember whether it was on a boxcar or a locomotive.

  by the missing link
nice shots!i looked through your whole file too...p.s.,i was the guy hollering"ETTIQUITE"when nitwits were walking in front of the photoline.w.cornwall wasn't all their fault really 'cos they shouldv'e blocked the platform and sent people around the back of the station.don't you think it would be a good idea to put in a little paragraph reminder in the trip guide so everyone 'gets it'.my friend told me on the acmu trip some fights allmost broke out,from the video iv'e seen i believe it.